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What Does It Mean to Be a “Car Guy” or “Car Gal”?


Do you think of yourself as a gar guy or a car gal? Can you tell the model and make of a vehicle by just looking at a tailight ahead of you on the road? Can you tell how old a car is by seeing the headlights in your rearveiew mirror or by listening to the exhaust?

If you love cars, then you have probably been called a car guy or a car gal before. This is not a derogatory in term in any way. It is basically a way of people saying that you love cars and know a lot about them.

In general, a car guy or a car gal is someone who really loves cars. They are someone who appreciates all types of cars, even if they cannot afford to drive certain vehicles. They are the guy or gal who can tell you if a vehicle is a V8 when you tell them the make and model.

This is different than just loving a certain type of car. You can love the Evo or a pretty Mustang, but it will not make you a car guy or car gal. It just means that you really like a certain kind of car. A true car guy or car gal has a general love of cars. As teenagers, these are often the kids who are working on a vehicle in shop class. If their school has a senior project, they choose to rebuild an engine from scratch as their project.

When Did You Become a Car Guy or Car Gal?

For many car lovers, there is not a single moment when you realized that you loved cars. Since you were a toddler, you knew that you loved the engines and the look of different vehicles. When your mom was busy, you sat in the car and played with the steering wheel as you dreamed about driving. Most likely, your parents bought you Hot Wheels toys for Christmas each year because they knew how much you loved cars.

Cars are like the modern Wild West. Long ago, adventurers dreamed of hitting the open road with their horses and seeing what life had in store for them in the unsettled areas of the west. Now, the same attitude makes car lovers driven to the open road. As long as your car is well-maintained, the open road calls to you and gives you that sense of wild freedom that adventurers once enjoyed.

What Does It Take to Become a Car Guy or a Car Gal?

Your love of cars is not just for a pretty, perferctly maintained vehicle. As a car guy or car gal, you are willing to put up with your car breaking on the side of the road and annoying repairs. When the transmission goes, you look on in horror as someone suggests you scrap your baby. You don’t have to own an expensive brand of car or build one from scratch to be a car guy or car gal. You just need a genuine love of cars.

While it is not required, most car lovers can also fix their vehicles. Obviously, this is not always possible since many of the tools you need are quite expensive to own as a private individual. At the same time, you are probably able to do most repair jobs from your home with a basic manual, a few tools and an internet connection. You take great pride in being able to fix your own car. When someone says that they have no clue how to check their oil, you wonder how they ever survived to adulthood.

There is no hardship that you will not endure for your beloved car. Even if you can only afford a beater for now, you have it perfectly maintained. When someone tosses garbage on the floor, you look on in horror as you contemplate whether you should push them out of the vehicle.

Some car guys and gals like to race cars as well, but you don’t have to be a speed demon or drag racer to be a car lover. The main defining characteristic of any car guy or car gal is a love of cars. Once you have that love and passion, you are hooked for life.

You are one of the lucky few who has found something in life that they genuinely care about. If someone calls you a car guy or a car gal, take it as a compliment. While they are stuck uncertain how to cool off their overheated radiator, you will breeze by in style because you know exactly what to do for any car emergency. You might not have a Lotus quite yet, but you will someday drive the car of your dreams.


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