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What Does It Mean to Dream of Dead People You Once Knew?


Dreaming about dead people can be terrifying or reassuring depending on what happens in the dream. The situations and events in the dream can also help you to determine what the dream means. On its own, dreaming about someone who has passed away does not mean anything. It is what happens in the dream and how you feel in the dream that truly determines its meaning.

The first thing that you should do is look at what happens in the dream. Is the person trying to give you a message? Are they helping you in some way? If the individual is trying to help you in the dream, it may show that you wish that someone was there to give you support in real life. Meanwhile, getting a message from a loved one in your dream could mean that you miss getting their advice or input in real life. It could also mean that you wish you could get a message about where they have gone and how they are doing.

Death is a preoccupation for many people. Fearing death is normal. Because of this, it is quite common to dream about a loved one who has died. You may be coming to terms with your own humanity and death, so your subconscious mind is preoccupied by the idea of death and those who have died.

On a more basic level, dreaming about someone who has died could just mean that you miss being around your loved ones and wish that he or she was still near you. You no longer get to talk to them every day, so your subconscious mind filled the gap by giving you dreams about that person.

Think About the Feelings in the Dream

Often, there are people who seem to represent a certain feeling for us. For example, a manipulative, micromanaging boss may represent feelings of anger, stress or depression. If he or she appears in the dream, it could mean that you are experiencing these feelings in real life. In comparison, a grandmother or mother may have made you feel loved and protected. Seeing them in a dream could mean that you want those same types of feelings in your life. You may not feel like there is anyone to protect you in real life, so you dreamed that your loved one was there and protecting you.

Your dream can mean a variety of different things based on who it is an what happens. You may miss the advice of your father or the protection of a grandmother who passed away. You may miss the fun and passion represented by your late husband or wife. By thinking through how you felt when you were around that person, you can figure out the types of feelings your subconscious wants or is currently feeling.

Dealing With Your Feelings

Even if it has been years since a loved one passed on, you may still dream about them. Most people do not get over a death overnight. It can takes months, years or decades to heal. Even if you think that you have moved on, a part of you may still feel guilty or angry about their death. Your dreams about dead people you once knew are probably stemming from these feelings. As you try to come to terms with their death, you continue to dream about them over and over again.

In general, this type of dream normally just represents a part of your life that is gone. It may show that the feelings associated with the person are gone, or it may show that you miss having that person in your life.

Sometimes, you have these dreams months or years after you last thought of that person. This is perfectly normal. The simple explanation for this is that you still have memories of that person, so your subconscious mind will sometimes cause these memories to reoccur in your dreams. There is also an alternative explanation. If the last time you felt hopeless and depressed was when your father died, then feeling hopeless or depressed may cause memories of your father to reappear. Often, people dream about a loved one who passed away years ago when someone else close to them dies. This is because many of the same feelings of despair or grief are brought up once again.

Accepting Death

Initially, you may not accept that your loved one has passed away. While you logically know that they are gone, your heart does not care or listen to logic. You may dream about them alive and happy because that is how you still feel about them. If you dream that they are dead in your dream or that your dream self knows that they have moved on, then it indicates that you are finally coming to terms with their death and accept that they are no longer a part of this existence.

Death is often a sign of transformation or change, so some of your dreams could involve a change in your life. You may have a promotion at work, a new baby or some other major change. If you dream that someone is dying, this could be why. Sometimes, you may also have this type of dream if you wish your loved one could see the transformation. You wish your mother was there to see your new baby or your career progress, so you dream about her again at night.

It can be traumatic to dream about someone you loved who died. At first, you may wake up sweating or in a panic. Don’t worry—this type of dream is perfectly normal. If you find yourself feeling afraid in your dream, try talking to your loved one. Your subconscious may be trying to nudge you to work through your feelings, so this person keeps appearing. If this is the case, the dreams may keep happening until you face your feelings, come to terms with your loss and talk to your loved one in the dream.


  1. I dreamt that my dead patient who died in 2013, which was like a mother n sister to me went clothing shopping. Colorful n all types, with lots of people. She got lost in the crowd. I couldn’t find her. What does it mean? I searched, her son joined me n there were lots of buildings searching for her.

    • This dream is a reflection of your social and emotional connection with your late patient. Her being lost in the crown is a reflection of your inability to communicate with you. You are aware that her son has been emotionally influenced by her passing as well. Share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. This will honor her memory. Have a great day, Doreen!