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What Does It Mean to Dream of Someone Drowning?


Drowning in a dream is traumatic. When you see someone else drowning, it can be even worse. If you are unable to save them, you feel helpless and desperate. This is certainly the case if you actually know the individual in your dreams. When you dream of someone drowning, it can mean a number of different things. To figure out the true meaning, you have to look at how you feel in the dream, who is drowning and exactly what happens next.

dream of loved one drowning

Dreaming that you are personally drowning tends to show that you are overwhelmed by your feelings. A repressed emotion or experience from the past may be coming back to haunt you. The dream shows that you are in the process of trying to unearth your subconscious thoughts, but you are moving too quickly with them. The sense of drowning is because you should move slower as you learn to understand these feelings. If you die from drowning, it actually shows an emotional rebirth. Meanwhile, surviving the experience shows that a situation or relationship in your real life will survive the turmoil that you currently feel.

What If It Is Someone Else Drowning?

When you dream of someone drowning other than yourself, it often shows that you are becoming too involved in something. There may be a situation where you have become too involved in everything that is happening, and it feels like everything is beyond your control. You feel like you are drowning in your dream because you feel like you are drowning in your real life.

Another reason why you may dream of someone drowning is because it feels like you are losing your identity. This type of thing often happens when you become involved with someone romantically. It is easy to lose your own sense of identity as you become wrapped up in your identity as a couple. While this is understandable and quite common, it can make your own emotional and mental health take a nosedive. It feels like you are losing yourself and are unable to differentiate who you actually are.

dream of drowning child

What If You Rescue Someone From Drowning?

As we mentioned before, the dreams about someone drowning can really vary in meaning depending on what actually happens in the dream. When you are rescuing someone from drowning, it shows something entirely different than when someone is just drowning in the dream. In this case, it generally demonstrates that you have succeeded in recognizing the emotions and characteristics represented by the victim. You are allowing yourself to be vulnerable and to truly understand your feelings. Now, you are able to accept help from others and are able to maintain your identity within the relationship.

When you dream that you are rescuing someone from drowning and fail, then it shows a sense of fear. You may be numb with fear in your real life, which is preventing you from taking action. The fear is holding you back, so you have to figure out which situation causing this feeling to happen.

In the majority of cases, a dream about drowning is a sign that you have gotten too deep into something or you have gone father than you should have. You have to take a step back and analyze your life to see what it could mean. Often, the person who is drowning shows the person or situation that you are too deeply involved in. They or the situation they represent may be clouding your life. It is causing you to be imbalanced emotionally, physically and mentally. Because of all this, it is hard for you to find the peace that you need and to be happy.

Other Interpretations

There are different variations of this dream, and they all have slightly different meanings. We will cover some of the most common dream variations on drowning that you may encounter.

Sinking: If you are sinking in the dream, it may mean that you are being weighed down by the stress and burdens in your life. It could also mean that there is a relationship or project that is on its last legs. The dream may be trying to tell you that the situation is sinking, and you need to jump ship before it is too late.

Baths: If you are drowning in a bath tub, it may show that there is a hidden depth to your emotions. While your emotions initially seem shallow like the tub, there are further depths for you to explore.

Drowning at Sea: Drowning in the ocean shows that there may be an obstacle in your path. You may feel like it is difficult to keep moving forward because this obstacle is blocking your way. Before you can end this type of dream, you have to figure out what the obstacle is and develop a plan for solving it.


  1. I had a dream last night that all my friends and family were on a dock In the middle of a large body of water (unsure of what kind or where) we got a warning that the docks were going to explode so we all had to jump in the water. After the explosion I was looking around to see that some of them were drowning, others were already dead from the explosion and I was trying to save everyone that I could by pulling them all to safety but I couldn’t get them all. This dream woke me up from a dead sleep crying.

    • The dream seems to show your fear that you cannot help everyone you love and keep them safe. This kind of fear is completely normal. Unfortunately, we can’t always keep our loved ones out of harm’s way. Thankfully, the actual circumstances of the dream are unlikely to occur since the dream just reflects the state of your subconscious mind.

  2. I had a dream I was teaching swimming and a little girl.who I dont know came to my class and a put her in the pool and thought it was to deep for her but her mum said nothing as she sat on the side and I let the little girls hand go and she just sunk. Once I realised she was gone I asked her mother can she swim in this pool the mother just looked then I jumped in but I couldnt swim and couldnt let go of the side so I yelled at another lady who was a swim instructor to jump in she did but then dissapeared under the water aswel. The water was really cloudy then it cleared up and I saw what I thought was 2 bodies on the other side of the pool floor so I ran to the other side screaming for help again no one came bit it was the leather jacket the girl had on then I looked further up the pool and it was a long dress which I dont recall her wearing, then I remember waking myself up as I didn’t want to know what happened.

    • The dream seems to show that you feel like you are overwhelmed by everything you have to do or the people you need to help in your life. You may feel like there is no one around who can really help you in your waking life, which is why there wasn’t any real help in your dream either.

  3. I had a dream that me and my boyfriend were just playing at the lake but the color of the lake is green. We decided to dry ourselves so we decided to get out of the water. We noticed the grandma with sunglasses who was sitting on the slide and just gazing at the place. But then someone threw her glasses and the place turned out dark. She shouted “my glasses!” And she’s moving like she is blind. But then she went down to the slide before i even shouted that she was blind. She’s in the water and my boyfriend suddenly jumps to rescue the grandma. After that, the grandma was being rescued but my boyfriend didn’t get up. I decided to look for a flashlight since i’ve been shaking with fear. But then the place changed. I went to school with my friends but im still nervous about him. then i checked our message but then i saw the word “passed away” on the top right of our conversation. He didn’t survive.

    • Water and drowning are often indications of your knowledge of change. It seems that you feel that your partner is a person who is supportive to those in needs. Nourish your relationship with him by spending additional time together in person.

  4. I had a dream that I was in a foreign place and I needed to cross a bridge to get on a ferry to go home. The bridge was really old and seemed that it was going to break apart, it kept rocking and water from underneath rose up to splash in our faces. Some parts of the bridge didn’t have anything to hold onto and I kept feeling this deep fear that I was going to fall over, I had a bag with my money, clothes, phone and other important stuff and I kept holding on to it tightly, I remember hearing someone say, hold onto your bags, hold onto your bags (the sea below was brown and rough looking). Then a shaking occurred, my friend and I were on a piece where the metal railing felt fragile, I quickly stepped back to a more secure part of the bridge and I shouted at her to step back also but she didn’t and when I looked forward the railing broke to pieces and she was gone. I felt shocked…I had a feeling that it might fall apart but I didn’t think she would fall too. I looked over and I didn’t see her, I started crying thinking she had drown and I asked someone to help but they said it was too late, she wasn’t going to make it. We were in the middle of the bridge and the rest was scary looking but someone else told me to hurry over cuz my dad was waiting to take me home. I just remember thinking that I should hurry through it and I could ask personnel to go help find my friend. I reached over safely but they told me again that it was too late and she was gone, when I looked back at the bridge I remembered that I had left my bag with all my important stuff on the bridge where my friend fell but I was too scared to go back and kept standing there crying and feeling totally shocked….and then I woke up (thank God, cuz that dream was really realistic)

    • The dream seems to show that you are on a path in life that is surrounded by potential obstacles and dangers. Despite those obstacles, you are still trying to move forward in life to accomplish your goals. The path may be a struggle, but you have what it takes to achieve your objectives.

  5. I’m not usually a dreamer. Or if I do I don’t always remember them but this past week they have all seemed so vivid and I can remember them so I’m not sure why the difference now ..but anyways

    Last night I had a dream and I was in a hair salon in a shopping center which was on a waterfront. Weather was bad, super rain storm. There was an older guy who was cutting my hair (which is weird because I have used the same hair dresser for years now) and he makes it about half way through before he leaves. Bits and pieces are missing but I remember going to look for him and I end up outside and my youngest brother and my step dad are on their boat on the dock and the water is just throwing them around in the storm, visibly struggling. The water was so choppy and I couldn’t do anything about it but watch and scream and beg for help. Eventually everything was under water. The boats the floating docks, my family. Fast forward and I’m back inside with my mom and fiancé I think I was telling them what happened, but then my younger brother walks in soaking wet but no stepdad and then I woke up.

    Would loveeee some knowledge

    • Water is often a manifestation of your thoughts regarding change. You may be considering making a large change in your life, so determine what you feel is appropriate.

  6. In my dream, I was watching poolside as a woman fell in. She apparently could not swim. There was a rescue dog at the scene, but it was distracted by something (food?) and did not notice. I neither alerted the dog nor assisted the woman. I seemed to be indifferent, though some part of my spirit suggested I might do something about the situation. The woman didn’t cry out or struggle; she just sank. It wasn’t until the woman sank to the bottom of the pool that I acted. I jumped in to find her, but she was dead. Can someone help me with this dream? It is the first dream I have remembered in a very long time, and it distresses me. I think in my waking life I would not stand by and watch if there was something I could do to help.

    • This dream may have been a reflection of how you navigate your concerns and stresses. You were benefited by this dreaming guiding you to be aware that you would not stand idly by in the future.

  7. I had a dream in which my brother fell through the ice and was drowning until I pulled him out.i remember he was suppose to make me and our friends some food,sandwiches to be exact. We were in school idk how ice got in the school but hey. All I know he walked to the corner with his bag and things and a bunch of us I guess friends ran out into the hallway of the school. From that point I noticed time had passed and he never came to meet us.i went looking around, went back to where we were saw his things In the same corner next to a hole. I broke some ice surrounding the hole felt around in the water till I finally felt his back,and pulled him up. I carried him out Surprisingly the ice didn’t break.i was walking through the hallway screaming for help while performing the heimlich maneuver some water came out but he was still unconscious the nurse’s took him and all I could remember doing was crying but he fuckin survived I just kissed him on his forehead and keep crying and then I woke up like wtf

    • Dreams that contain aspects of drowning are often manifestations of your knowledge of change. It is possible that you are aware of an event or experience between you and your brother. You behaved in a positive and supportive manner within the dream. Ensure that this dream guides you to share your kindness and compassion at all times, as that will draw positive people and energy into your life.

  8. Had a dream last night my fiancé , dad & his gf, and myself went to the river. I was swimming and noticed a alligator beside me. I attempted to stab at it with something to get it away but it just kept coming after me. Everyone jumped in to save me. Got me out of the water but soon as I got out I noticed the girl friend jumped back in to save dad. Success. I look around and don’t see my fiancé. She told me he’s still under water drowning. Dad jumped in to get him out. Got him out of the water and fiancé is staring at me not breathing. I tried to save him and get him to breath by beating on his chest.. idk if I was successful I woke up in a panic.

    • Death is often a manifestation of your knowledge of change in regard to your relationship. This doesn’t have any negative connotations. The behaviors of your partner’s father’s girlfriend may be a reflection of your experiences with her. You attempted to save your partner, which could be a sign of how you may navigate such events in your waking life.

  9. I myself don’t always remember my dreams. I just had a dream last night and it seems so clear today. I had dreamt that we (meaning family) were all swimming in a swimming pool. Everyone had gone out to eat but my sister. We didn’t realize at first that she was the only one that didn’t get out of the pool. Once we all realized that she was not with us we looked at the pool and there she was floating head down as if she had drowned. I remember thinking why isn’t anyone too concerned. I was panicking thinking oh my god my sister is dead! (Mind you she is 38 years old and knows how to swim) I also remember thinking did she purposely drown herself(committing suicide)? I couldn’t understand why this had happened. It was all so very odd.

    • Drowning is often a reflection of death and water, both of which are related to your knowledge of change. You may be away of how your relationship with your sister has changed. You may feel that it would be beneficial for you to reach out to her at this time.

  10. I had a dream a terrifying dream that I was swimming with my sister and two of our mutual friends at a really nice place that seemed to be a resort or something but we were in the ocean swimming by a dock. The dream before hand had been light themed and really nice and for some reason there was girls from my old middle school there? But we were skimming and one of the girls went underwater and did not come up for a concerning amount of time and when she did she had a huge gash on her head and she was bloody and she was dead. Suddenly my other friend and my sister just left and didn’t seem to care what had happened. I was freaking out and ran to where the other people were and tried to ask people to use there phones because it was an emergency and I needed to call 911, but every time I tried to call it would change to 912 or 913 it would not let me call 911. When I called 913 (even though I don’t think that’s even possible but in my dream I guess it was someone’s phone number) and it was a man and he was really rude to me and told me there was no use helping my friend. After I kept trying to call and tell people what was happening and nobody caring or believing me, a lifeguard found her and kept asking me why I didn’t do something to help her, and blaming me for not saving her. The whole dream was really realistic and terrifying and I woke up really upset.

    • Drowning is often a mixture of the symbolism of death and water. Both of these dream aspects are indications of your knowledge of change. You may be aware that your relationships have been altered, and it is possible that your decisions impacted these changes.

  11. Last night I dreamed of a woman (reminded me of my mother who passed/or myself as a third person) incouldnt really tell. Being chocked underwater in the bath tub. I pushed the man off and tried to save her and call 911 but couldn’t. Then woke up. I’m deeply scared by this.

    • The dream may show how helpless your subconscious mind felt after her passing. Even though your conscious mind was aware that there was nothing you could do, that doesn’t stop you from feeling like you should have saved her. Dreams like this are normal after a loss because your subconscious mind is trying to heal, so I wouldn’t read too much into it at this point.

  12. I just had a dream last night that my husband sold our home without telling me and bought this huge home hours away. I invited my parents over to see it (my Dad died this past May). We all walk into one of the rooms and it had water in it. As my dad walked further in to the room, the water got deeper until it took him under. I managed to grab him and float him over to medical supplies for he was bleeding from his head. I than woke up. What does this mean?

    • Being a homeowner is a lot of stress. This dream seems to show a fear that you will be overwhelmed by repairing your property, paying bills or taking care of everything. Perhaps a part of you wishes that you could escape from these responsibilities, which is why you dreamed your husband sold the home.

  13. I had a dream where I was at my work place with 2-3 co workers it was close to closing time I remember when we finished normally we go upstairs for our belongings but for some reason in my Dream we took a different way to get there a way that doesn’t really exist in my job anyways as we were going to that place I only remember that a lady which is a department manager she was ahead of me & by the time I reached to where she was she had opened a door which a drowned man who was obviously dead came out she pulled him out & we just stood there out of nowhere we ended up outside of the job place I just remember both of us were in shocked or surprised didn’t really know what to do when I woke up I felt thesame way as in my dream 2days later I still think about the dream I remember it perfectly which is weird because it was by pieces partly inside my work place but somehow outside of my old job

    • Perhaps the dream is trying to tell you that you felt overwhelmed in that workplace, and you didn’t think that there was anyone around you who could really help you out at all. It may also reflect on the way you felt at your old job as well. Whatever the case, I wouldn’t worry too much about it because a dream can only reflect your subconscious thoughts and feelings, not what actually will happen.

  14. Last Night I dreamed that I was in major debt, and that I had gone to my mom and dad who later were watching from a high building, and telling my brother and his friends to jump into the rising tides that were flooding the city, I watched them one by one, they would start playing but then they would just go under and I almost started crying, when my brother jumped in, he just went under immediately… Gave him a hug and a kiss after I woke up..

    • It is possible that you are navigating a financial stress in your life at this time. The water may be an indication of change. It seems that you are attempting to figure out what you want for your life. Take this time to make a decision about what you want for your future, and take whatever action that you feel is appropriate.

  15. I had a dream me and my current boyfriend were driving. He was behind the wheel and I was in the passenger seat. We ended up driving over a small bridge and into water, once we impacted the water I knew I was going to die, then I woke up.

    • The death may represent a change or transformation that you feel is happening in your relationship. It is also possible that the water and drowning in the dream show that you feel overwhelmed by some aspect of your relationship such as a disagreement or argument.

  16. Last night I had a dream that was very unusual for me.
    I was laying in my bed and my dad had disappeared. I got out of bed and told my mom I think he might be dead. Three days later in the dream his body was found just out side like a sewer drainage thing. But in the dream I woke up and realized I had a premonition. So within the dream still I shot up and went to find my mom and watched my dad from our house try to back out of the drive way (we have a shallow ditch near our driveway but in the dream it was much deeper) and he backed into the ditch but it was full of water and he had his window down so all the water was getting in. I ran out to help him but he told me to stay away. In the dream when i jumped in to help him and blacked out. When I came to he and I were both in the ditch and it was empty now and I thought we escaped. But I turned my head and saw my mom sobbing over mine and my dad’s bodies. Then I woke up just as my dad was leaving for work. I think within the dream my mom kept saying he was drunk or driving under the influence. But my dad doesn’t drink like that in real life. He and I have had rocky relationships in the past and he and I have been a lot better recently. So I’m not sure what it means.

    • The dream could represent the way you feel about your past relationship to him, or it may just represent how you feel about the future of your relationship. The drowning may represent a feeling of being completely overwhelmed. Perhaps your subconscious mind sent you this dream because, while you have made a lot of progress with your father, the progress has made you realize just how far you guys have to go still and it makes you overwhelmed. Thankfully, a dream is just a dream, so you have power to take charge of your waking life if you want to. Good luck!

  17. Last night I had a dream that I was at a beach with my family and their dogs. When one of the dogs gets dragged out to sea and I start feeling desperate to save the dog but It’s to far out and I’m afraid to try to save it. I’m crying and yelling for help, when my family members say “just let her go, there’s nothing we can do” when we start to walk away all of a sudden the tide brings the dog to shore and I run towards her and hug her. What does that mean ? I’ve never seen this dog in my real life but the name the dog had used to be my grandmothers dog who passed away.

    • The dog within your dream may be a manifestation of your relationship with your grandmother’s dog. Of course, this dream may be related to a social or emotional relationship that you once maintained. Make a decision about what you feel this dream means to you. Allow this dream to allow you to share your positive energy with everyone in your life.

  18. I had a dream that my girlfriend and I were vacationing on a tropical island. We were on a boat just off shore when a hurricane hit the island. The hurricane caused sudden flood and strong winds that flipped the boat and put us in the water. My girlfriend was not a strong swimmer and could not stay afloat. Every attempt I make to save her she would panic and sink us both. A man with a lifesaver came and helped her, but she was motionless as this point. The man and I swam to where there wasn’t much flood. I tended to my girlfriend with the fear that she was “gone”, until after maybe a minute or two she showed me signs of life by blinking and shaking her head. I began crying. Then I woke up.

    • This dream seems to be a reflection of your thoughts regarding your relationship. Water is often an indication of your knowledge of change, as is death. You may feel that your relationship is going through some alterations at this time. Nourish your relationship by spending additional time together in person. If you feel that there is something that needs to be addressed, then speak with her about your thoughts and feelings.

  19. I had a dream that I was in a lake or something with my family and then my grandma (we are very close) started drowning. I tried to save her but I couldn’t and when I dived under the water to try to get her one last time she was just floating there suspended in the water as white as a sheet. I woke up immediately after that, do u have any idea what that dream might mean?

    • You may feel like your grandmother is confronted by problems in life that you are not capable of solving. The fact that you try to save her shows that you want to help her as much as possible in your waking life, even if that is not always within your control.

  20. I had a dream last night me and my ex-husband was riding together and we came up on a low bridge and all of a sudden he gets out and grabs me and drags me down to the water and starts drowning me and I’m fighting him and I get away the first time but he gets ahold of me again and finally drowns me in my dream and but I see myself then coming up out the water and calling my mom and telling her what happened and I woke up really fast . Can you please tell me what this truly means.

    • The dream seems to show a fear of your ex-husband and ongoing negative feelings about him. You may feel like your husband and your family members are the only ones who can protect you during this time, which is why your mother appeared. Meanwhile, the drowning and water elements seem to indicate that you feel overwhelmed by these kinds of feelings and situations.

  21. I have been having a lot of disturbing dreams lately. I’ve always been a vivid dreamer and suffer from nightmares regularly. Recently I’ve had several dreams about car crashes and different incarnations of the same dream but it was the dream I had early this morning that is really bothering me.
    I was at a swimming pool taking swimming lessons and we had been practicing swimming /diving deep down to the bottom to pick up an object. I was sitting on the side catching my breath when I saw a little boy (completely unknown to me) slip into the pool. No one else seemed to noticed except me. He kept sinking lower and lower and I couldn’t reach him in time. By the time I finally grabbed him, he was dead.
    At this point I woke up (IRL) and was shaking and sweating horribly. Can you shed any light on this or my other dreams please? Thank you.

    • You seem to be plagued by nightmares and dreams. It seems that this dream was a reflection of death and water, both of which are manifestations of change. If you have similar dreams in the future, then you may want to attempt to address whoever appeared in your dream regarding their purpose.

  22. I had a dream last night that I was at a gathering and my friend and I went to the other side of the pool to talk but she went to duck under the rope dividers and got tangled. I swam to her and had to unravel the rope from her throat. Then I as she gasped I woke up.

    • This dream may be a reflection of various aspects of your social relationship with your friend. Death is a manifestation of change, so you may want to consider your connection with your friend. Strengthen your relationship by spending additional time together in person. Water, too, is often a symbol for change, so you should think about every aspect of this relationship.

    • The presence of your late husband within this dream may be a reflection of your previous emotional connection with him. Death and water are both indications of change. Ensure that your honor the memory of your husband by sharing your kindness and compassion at all times.

  23. Last night I had a horrible dream, ut involved water. Potential drowning. For some reason me and mom in my dreams visit this park and it had this long wooden bridge that seemed sturdy, the bridge went over a steep lake with foreign species of animal’s all touch us. The first time we visited, we crossed over the bridge with no problem but this time there was a hole in the bridge. I saw it first, we were coming up to it in our car, I alarmed my mother that I think we might fall into the water. My mother said to not think that way, we went a little forward and fell into the water. I started to panic, unbuckling my seat belt and rushing to the backseat to free Bianca, my little sister. I got her out of the car and onto one side of the bridge, I took a huge breath and went back under for my mother, I attempted to undo her seat belt to free her from it. The water was clogging it causing a jam, after a few struggles I set her free and shoved the car door open and got her onto the dock Bianca was resting, coughing up the water that had previously filled her lungs. My phone is watered for 30 minutes, I got it out of the water when I got Bianca out so it was okay. I dialed 911 and that’s when I woke up.

    • The water may symbolize being overwhelmed or being unable to control a situation. The fact that you fell in and struggled to get out may mean you don’t feel like you would actually be able to escape from your real-life problem as well. Ultimately, you did get about and managed to get Bianca out, so it seems like your subconscious mind feels like it may be possible to solve your problems or obstacles in real life.

  24. Last night I had a dream about this girl I’ve been seeing for the past couple months. There was some sort of boat tour happening that she was watching with a kid she was babysitting. I was somewhere else but came back to talk to her about something I wanted us to go do. When I came back I saw another guy standing behind her leaned over talking to her, while she was sitting on the ground watching the boat with the kid. I sat down about 50 feet behind and was waiting until he walked away so I could talk to her. Next thing you know, everyone on the boat went to the front of the boat, and the boat started to bob in the water and everyone was jumping off and the boat eventually sank. I then realized she and the whole crowd got under the boat, and everyone was underwater. Once I realized she needed help, I jumped in the water to find her. There was chaos everywhere but all I heard was myself screaming her name for help and looking for her. I dove under water and was screaming her name, I could see under the water perfectly and saw a child laying there helpless underwater, yet I still was screaming her name looking for her. I spun around once or twice looking for her but couldn’t find her. As soon as I pushed and started swimming in a direction to look for her I woke up. I felt helpless, but all I wanted to do was find her. In the whole crowd of people that needed help, and everyone who jumped off the boat, the only two people I saw underwater was a drowning child, and her friend who came up to me screaming her name as well.

    • Death is often a symbol for change within dreams. This dream does not mean that your partner is at risk of death, not does it mean that your relationship is about to end. Rather, it is possible that an aspect of your relationship or her personal like may be in flux. The behaviors of the other people in your dream could be manifestations of your mutual friends. Take this time to consider how you can best nourish this relationship and support her.

  25. I saw a dream where I saw a father’s helplessly watch his son die as he cries out to his dad. I saw this in third person and I’ve had the same dream for three days now

    • Your dream seems to be a reflection of your knowledge of relationships and death. Death is often a symbol for change, and the experience shared between them could be a manifestation of a concern that you may have in your life. Introspection will help you understand how this dream may be related to your life.

  26. I had a dream that me and my bf were choking each other on a deep calm lake.I was losing hope when he started gripping my neck so hard.But I regained my strength back and choked him as hard as i could.And I drowned him.And left him drowned while i was able to resurface and save myself.

    • Dreams about death are often reflections of your knowledge of change. It is possible that there is an aspect of your relationship that has been changing. Take this time to consider if this dream is a sign that you need to consider the future of your relationship. If everything is going well, then allow this dream to fade. You will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion at all times.

  27. I had a dream that I was meeting my favorite celebrity and then i hear dripping so i look to the back of the auditorium i was in and it was like a flash flood thing so i yell flash flood and everybody runs to get to safety out, not me i run to hold to door shut so people had more time. I was not strong enough so when the water bursts into the room i flew into the wall i later find out that i broke my arm so i could not swim at the time and i think to my self i am going to die all of a sudden someone grabs my hand and swims me to safty.

    I hope you know what this means I have been scouring the internet to find the answer but I have gotten nowhere.

    • Dreams about environmental events are often signs that you are aware of the experiences that impact the lives of people around the world. Likewise, water and death are often reflections of change. You may feel that this dream is attempting to guide you toward making a positive decision. You will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion at all times.


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