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What Does It Mean When A Girl Bites Her Lip?


When you like a girl every interaction with her takes on a new meaning. It’s hard to stand ambiguity when you’re dealing with someone you care about. We can’t teach you how to read a woman’s mind, but we can use science and psychology to help you get a greater insight. Every part of a woman’s body language helps to tell a story, and one place to look for information is her lips.

A keen-eyed observer can get a lot of information just from a woman’s lips. One of the most telling gestures is the lip bite. Still, before we go any further, you need to remember that context matters. You can’t just fixate on any one thing that a woman says or does; you can’t lose track of the bigger picture. With that in mind, let’s look at the different things a lip bite and other lip related movements might tell you.

The Lip Bite

This is one of the most potent gestures a woman can make, although the message it sends varies based on the context. The number one thing to know about it is that it tends to signal some mixture of desire and restraint. Just remember that the action she’s trying to restrain herself from will vary depending on the situation.

For some women, the lip bite comes naturally, while it comes naturally to others. Keep an eye on her and see how she reacts in different situations, and especially when she talks to other people.

If she is constantly biting her lip then you don’t want to read too much into the times she does it around you. But if you find that she only seems to do it when she’s looking at you then it suggests that there’s a potent connection between you two.

A potent connection is a positive thing. Your chances with a girl are better if you cause her to feel emotions. But an emotional connection can go more than one way. A lip bite might mean she’s attracted to you or it could mean she’s holding back negative emotions.

Signaling Attraction

Hopefully, you’re doing all the right things, and she’s feeling sexually attracted to you. Look at what she’s saying and the rest of her body language. If she’s very open to you, leaning towards you, and biting her lip all at the same time, then you can feel fairly confident that she’s into you.

Consider how your encounter has been going. If things have been going well so far, then the lip bite is probably a good sign. If you’ve been wondering whether or not she wants a kiss and suddenly you see her biting her lips, then it’s probably time to move in for the kill.

Signs of Danger

A lip bite doesn’t always mean that sexy times are ahead. As mentioned in the beginning, the lip bite generally signals some sort of restraint. She’s biting her lips closed to keep them from opening up. She might subconsciously want to restrain herself from kissing you, or she might want to hold back a sharp insult. To see if she might be feeling negative emotions look at the context.

Has she closed herself off? Has her posture stiffened? Has her tone gotten colder? If any of these things happen around the time that she bites her lips, then she might be giving you a warning rather than an invitation.

Pay Close Attention

Before you assume that you’re the person behind the lip bite, you should take a step back and examine the situation. Is she looking at you? Is she giving you her undivided attention? Too often guys assume that everything their crush does relates to them, for better or for worse. In reality, she might simply be focused on whatever she’s doing at the time, or she could be thinking of another man.

Paying more attention to the way the women in your life use their lips is a good start, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. You need to put together all of the pieces if you want to fully understand what a woman is trying to say. Still, if you want one simple takeaway, then we have one for you.

If you’re alone with a girl and you notice she’s started to bite her lip more than before it suggests that she’s feeling some sort of connection with you. That’s something you can build on, even if she’s angry with you it means that she cares about you on some level.


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