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What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls a Guy Creepy?


When a girl calls a guy creepy, it definitely sounds like an insult. You were not deliberately trying to act weird or creepy, so now you are worried about what it means. Is this what everyone thinks about you? Is she just not interested in you? What does it mean when a girl calls a guy creepy?

While there are many interpretations of what it means when a girl calls a guy creepy, it is fairly safe to say that she is not interested in dating. For whatever reason, she is not interested and you have to take the hint. You won’t get her to change her mind, so it is time to move on to another girl.

The Meanings of Creepy

Creepy is definitely a derogatory term. While it sounds like “scary,” she probably does not mean that she finds you scary. It might mean that she finds you weird or odd. Often, girls call a guy creepy if he gives her unwanted sexual attention.

The key to this definition is the term, “unwanted.” Calling her, flirting with her and trying to hang out are all normal, enjoyable things to do if she likes you. If she is not interested, then the same actions suddenly feel weird to her. She does not want you to talk to her or flirt with her, so she thinks that it is creepy. You are probably not doing anything wrong (unless you are stalking her or watching her eerily when she is not aware of it). Most likely, you are doing things that she would normally be okay with if she was interested in you.

What Should You Do?

In the majority of cases, the best thing that you can do is move on. For whatever reason, she is not interested in you. She may have tried to hint about her non-feelings before, but she might not have been obvious enough about it. Because of this, you kept trying to flirt with her without realizing that she did not return your feelings. Now, you are forever branded in her mind as creepy. It is very, vary rare that you will get a girl to change her mind once she thinks that you are creepy.

Since you cannot change her mind now, you just have to move on. Continuing to talk to her or flirt with her will only make you seem odder in her mind. Your only option is to leave her alone and move on. There are other girls out there, and girls that are actually interested in you will not find the same behavior creepy.

when someone calls you a creep

Think About Your Actions

This is also a good opportunity to rethink your approach to girls. Sometimes, guys come on to strong or show their feelings in the wrong way. Flirting is never easy—for guys or girls—when you really like someone. You stand next to her and try to find something clever or witty to say. Instead of thinking of a brilliant comment, you just stand their awkwardly and stare at her. Or, you end up flirting too heavily and it turns her off.

It is entirely possible that your approach is either too awkward or too strong for her to ever reciprocate. You have already lost your chance with this particular girl, but you still have other chances out there. Right now, you have to rethink your approach and think about the changes you need to make. If you are too awkward around girls, get a few female friends so that you can relax when talking to ladies. Or, try flirting with girls for fun when the pressure is off.

If you come on too strong, try taking a step back and relaxing a bit. You want her to be hopeful that you like her back, but you want to build up to her actually knowing that you are interested. People want things that they can’t have, and they hate feeling forced to make a decision. Don’t play games or play hard to get, but you should gradually get to know her and flirt subtly. You want her to feel like she is getting a chance to decide about her feelings and choose you instead of feeling forced to make a decision on the spot. Many girls have to get to know a guy before they can have a crush on them, so you need to give your crushes time to know you. If you immediately push for a relationship, her automatic reaction will probably be to push you away.

You are most likely not creepy. You might be awkward or too strong in your approach, but you are not creepy. In the worst case scenario, you are doing normal flirting behavior for a girl who is not interested. Because she does not feel the same way about you, she thinks that the behavior is creepy instead of normal. Now, you just have to move on and hope that your next crush feels the same way as you do.


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