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What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Buddy?


Congratulations! That pretty girl you like has finally given you the attention that you have been wishing for. You have finally been acknowledged and she’s finally called you by a name. It might not have been your name, but hey it’s a step in the right direction, isn’t it?

It’s nice to finally be given a nickname, but what does it mean? Sometimes when women say something to us, we just don’t really know what they mean by it. Like when they call us ‘buddy’. What on Earth does that mean to her? Why that word? What does it signify?

Women tend to send mixed signals a lot of the time, so it’s up to us to help you figure out what they mean when they say certain things.

Especially when they start using names with you that come out of nowhere.

Nicknames in general might be confusing, but ones such as buddy really leave us wondering.

Buddy is just a term that was originally coined by men to use on other men that they consider their friends or pals. It is something that tells us we have crossed from the boundaries from acquaintances into a new area of friendship.

Yet we have to listen closely to how someone says the word buddy to us. What tone are they using? What current situation is going on? It’s really all about context when it comes to using any nicknames or pet names with someone, as well as when they use them on us.

Buddy is less of an informal term, so it’s important to understand the atmosphere surrounding the saying.

When you do that you can get a better feel of why a girl might have used this word with you in the first place.

Here are a few reasons she may be calling you ‘buddy’:

It’s Just Her Preferred Term To Use

We all have words we like to use more favorably than others. Some people like to call others ‘pal’, ‘friend’, ‘comrade’, etc. Others prefer to use the term buddy. Buddy may have been a male dominated term in the past, but is now widely used between both males and females everyday, across the world. There may not be any extra meaning behind it. This is usually the case if the two of you barely know one another. She may just be passing by and say something like, “Hey buddy!” Or, “What’s up, Bud?”

Either way she means no harm by it and it is probably just the way she likes to address people. More likely she uses this on men more than she will on her women friends or female people that she knows.

She Is Trying To Friendzone You

Unfortunately this is a said reality when a girl uses a friend term on you instead of a more personal one. Most girls who have feelings for someone will not make it appear as if they are in a friends only situation when the guy they like. Quite the opposite is true actually. She will want to avoid making you think that you are just friends or buddies. That is because she is trying to create a more intimate bond with you.

If she has a crush on you, she will definitely use terms like ‘boo’ or ‘babe’ or even things like ‘honey.’

She Is Trying Her Best At Playful Banter

There are times where a girl might call you buddy because she is teasing you. It’s just a fun way of creating playful banter and keeping things light with you. How do you know this? It is all about reading the context of the situation.

This is often the reason if you are co-workers or school mates.

Did she something along the lines of, “Hey that’s not for you buddy!”

In a joking manner as you were reaching for something.

When she says it in this manner it is light hearted and doesn’t mean that she sees you as either a friend or a crush. It just means she is teasing you.

This definitely means she likes you as a person. Otherwise she wouldn’t be going through the extra effort of trying to play with you and make you smile.

She Is Not Pleased With Something That  You Did

When she addresses you as ‘buddy’ it can be either good or bad. Occasionally there is the time where she will say it negatively. You will know that it is a sarcastic, unwelcome word when she pairs it with an angry tone or angry body language.

She might be upset with something that you have done.

This usually comes out as, “Way to go buddy!”

Or even, “What’s your problem, buddy!”

It’s true that buddy does not always mean she sees you as a friend or even an acquaintance, but she is instead pointing out that you are in fact not friends of any sorts and she dislikes you very much.


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