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What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Handsome


Just about every man wants to hear that they are handsome. There are plenty of guys who will tell you that they don’t care about such “shallow” concerns, but in the end, who wants to be plain or even ugly? That’s why it can be such a big deal when a girl tells a guy that he’s handsome.

Getting told you’re handsome is nice, but it can also create some confusion. Words rarely tell the whole story. You can’t just look at what people say; you have to consider how they said it and the context. To help you get a sense of what these words might mean we’ll look at the different meanings and how you can decide what the women in your life might mean if they say you’re handsome.

She could be friendly

The word “handsome” is definitely positive, but you have to remember that it isn’t necessarily romantic or sexual. A woman can appreciate that a man is attractive without desiring any sort of deeper relationship with him.

It’s also worth remembering that sometimes people give out compliments just to be friendly. If a friend sees you feel bad because you don’t think you’re attractive their first impulse might be to try and reassure you that you are attractive. They might also honestly think you’re handsome without seeing you as their “type.”

If a female friend says you’re handsome, you should feel good but don’t jump to any conclusions. Before asking her out or going in for a kiss, you need to look for other signs of attraction.

She could be sarcastic

Some people are cruel. It’s easy to think that getting called ugly is one of the worst insults you can get but people can get pretty creative when it comes to hurting other people. One of the most potent insults is the sarcastic compliment.

You’ll find some attractive women who will sarcastically compliment men they want to hurt. The worst cases of this involve women who try and make their compliments sound sincere, waiting until the man feels good about himself to reveal her true intentions and twist the knife.

Fortunately, these women are relatively rare. Most women who tell men that they’re handsome have better intentions. Still, if you have an extremely difficult time reading human emotions, it’s worth remembering that there are people out there who use compliments as weapons.

She could have ulterior motives

If someone wants something from you, they’ll probably try and “butter you up.” They’ll compliment you and try and get you into a good mood before they try and get what they want from you. Women understand that men are easily flattered and will try and use compliments to soften them up before asking for things.

After getting a compliment, you should be on the lookout for requests. You should be especially careful after you get a compliment from a woman who has never said much to you before.

If a strange woman approaches you and announces that you’re handsome, then chances are that she wants something. The main thing you need to realize that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

You don’t need to be suspicious of everyone you know. If you’ve known a girl for years and she hasn’t used you in the past, then you can feel pretty safe taking her at her word. Still, a certain level of skepticism is healthy.

She might be attracted to you

Sometimes women mean exactly what they say. If she says you’re handsome, she might be trying to let you know that she’s attracted to you. The key to deciding if this is the case is the way she acts around you.

If a woman is attracted to you, then she will try and look at you and get close to you. See if you can catch her staring at you. Slide a little closer to her and see if she backs away or comes even closer.

You can always try and return the favor and see how she reacts. Tell her she’s beautiful and watch her face. If she smiles, blushes, or has trouble maintaining eye contact, then you can proceed cautiously. If she brushes your words off and goes back to whatever she’s paying attention to then her words probably didn’t mean all that much to her.

Women tend to be more subtle than men, but that doesn’t mean that they are completely unreadable. It simply means you need to pay close attention to how she behaves around you and how she reacts to your actions.

Look at the whole picture

If you want to know how a woman feels about you, it’s important to take a step back and try and see the big picture. How has she treated you in the past? How does she act around you? Does she touch you? Is she always asking for things? If you ask yourself these kinds of questions and answer honestly, you should be able to get a sense of where she stands.

Still, in the end, if you really want to know where you stand you actually need to talk to the girl you’re thinking about. Don’t get so wrapped up in your head that you don’t put yourself out there. If you’re a guy, it’s your job to let her know how you feel.


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