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What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Hubby – A Sweet Analysis


Nicknames are commonly used among people every single day. Whether from your friends or from a lover, you may find yourself with a nickname given to by them at one point or another. Most of the time it is something that relates to your personality, an event you participated in or something embarrassing that you’ve done. Other times it is something affectionate with words like babe, honey or boo. Once in awhile you may be surprised when a girl calls you or someone else hubby. That’s because it is not as commonly given as a lot of other nicknames or pet names.

You may find yourself wondering why someone would call you or someone else hubby and what it means.

What It Means

Hubby is the shortened term for husband, but it does not need to be applied to someone you are actually married to. It is a slang term that is often derived from the words “daddy” and “husband”.

Although that is its technical definition, it is still used in many other fashions besides romantic ones. What really matters, and what you should be critically thinking of, is the context that it was said in. How does she know the person that she is calling hubby? When did she start saying it? How often does she say it? And does she say it to other people as well?

These are all important things to remember when deciding what she means when she says the term.

You should also consider what type of relationship she has with who she is calling hubby.

Friends: She may call a very close friend hubby. Usually it is reserved for a man that she spends a copious amount of time with.

She won’t go around giving that nickname to just anyone. It is usually bestowed upon someone she considers one of her best friends and doesn’t plan on him going anywhere, anytime soon.

Acquaintances: A woman will not normally call someone she barely knows hubby. However, if you find that she does, there is a good chance that she has a crush on this acquaintance. She views him as attractive and is hoping to pursue some sort of relationship with him. Calling someone she barely knows hubby is a form of her flirting with him. Although it may come off as a bit creepy, women do this at times and they mean no harm by it.

Co-Workers: Yes, coworkers often use this term on other coworkers, but it is less flirtatious. When a coworker calls another coworker hubby it is in a way that identifies them as a “work husband.” A work husband is someone that is a male and has become super close to them at their place of employment. It’s probably one of the most innocent uses of hubby there is, because usually the woman will have an actual husband at home. Most of the time, in this context, it is jokingly said.

Partners: When one partner starts calling the other hubby or wifey  (the female equivalent of hubby) it usually means that things have started getting pretty serious between the two of them. It is commonly said between people who are in a long term relationship with each other.  It means that they have already thought about marriage with one another. This is the most romantic use of the term that there is.

Why They Do It

When a woman calls you hubby does it mean that she likes you? Yes, in one way or another she is very fond of you. There is no other way that she would consider calling you something so personal. It is used as a form of flirting by woman. It is the same as them calling you dearest, buddy, babe or even darling. It means that she has a lot of affection for you and considers you really close to her. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she had developed feelings for you as more than friends. It does however mean that she likes you a lot, even if it never goes any further.

The Female Version

While women call men hubby, men and women both use the female version wifey quite often as well.

What does it mean if a woman calls another woman wifey? It means that they are either very good friends and are there for one another to lean on or it means that they are romantically involved. Men call women wifey when they feel very close to them personally.

Usually there are absolutely no bad intentions when someone calls someone else hubby. It cannot be offensive and usually means that they hold a lot of respect for whoever they are using the term on.


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