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What Does It Mean When A Girl Holds Your Face While Kissing?


Ah, yes kissing. Kissing is one of the best things you can do with someone that you really like or even love, don’t you think? There are so many different ways to kiss and so many things you can also do while kissing. But surely you aren’t here to discuss all of that. N o, you are here reading this because you want to know one thing as of right now. That one thing? What does it means when a girl holds your face while she is kissing you!

Women do a lot of strange things that we might not always understand at first. They are complicated creatures after all. They do stuff like yell at you when you leave the toilet seat up or take three hours to do their makeup.

holding face when kissing body language

They also might catch us a little off our guards when it comes to intimacy and romance. Like when they touch a man’s face or hold their face while they are kissing them.

Well, the good news is that it’s all good news! Meaning if she is doing this to you, or a buddy (depending on who you are looking this up for), it is definitely a good thing. There is no negative connotation with this type of gesture. On the contrary it actually means so much more good than you would initially assume.

We might always be on the lookout for signs that a woman likes us. You would be surprised to know that one of those major signs that tells you that she has some deep seeded feelings for you is when she holds you face during a kiss or a makeout sesh. Of course that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you if she isn’t doing that. But if she is doing it then it means she is definitely ultra interested. Now, this does not mean that she wants to settle down and get married by any means. It doesn’t even mean that she has that strong of an emotional interest in you. However, it does signify that she is very attracted to you. Whether or not there is more to it is unbenounced to us.

Some people think of kissing as purely sexual, but things get a little more intense when other gestures are pushed into it.

So to help you figure out why she is doing this we are going to walk through some of the reasons! Take a look below:


Reason #1: She’s Turned On

Remember that when you are trying to understand why she is holding or touching your face while kissing is to pay attention to how she is doing this. When she is touching it erratically it could mean that she is just really turned on by this intense making out. Sometimes in the heat of the moment we don’t always realize what we are doing. She might not even think twice before those hands reach up to your face. It’s a clear sign she is just pretty horny if she is also letting her hands slide down to your neck, grab your hair or even pull on the back of your neck.

These are definitely more primal gestures that people do when they are feeling things in the heat of the moment.

You may also notice that with this meaning she will speed up the pace of your making out or even intensify the pressure of it. These all point to the reasoning being reason number one! That she is just strongly turned on!

Reason #2: She Has Strong Feelings For You

There is another reason that she would be holding your face while kissing you. She might be doing this motion because she really truly likes you as more than just a friend or a friend with benefit. It might not all be carnal instinct. Instead this can be a much more romantic gesture than you would think. But like we said with reason number one, it’s all about how she is doing this to you. It’s not just a one type of deal. There are different ways that she could be touching your face. Now, if you notice that she is kissing you much slower it could be this reason. She might only keep her hand cupping your face or your chin and draw you into her in a slower manner. You will notice the difference between the two reasons because one will be more intense and the other will be more gentle. She will not be aggressively grabbing your chest or your hair.

She may stroke your cheek or chin as well.

Occasionally she might do this because she might just want to lead the kiss because she feels as if you are a little out of balance with the way that the two of you are kissing. This is pretty rare, but it does happen sometimes. Other than that there are usually no other reasons for her to be holding your face while kissing!