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What Does It Mean When A Girl Looks Into Your Eyes


There are many different reasons why a girl might stare into those grand ole eyes of yours, but trying to figure out which of those reasons it is can be difficult! Fortunately for you we have all the reasons she might be making this move on you. Keep reading to find out what they are!

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Different Levels Of Eye Contact

Level 1: A Glance With No Meaning

Sometimes you will find people accidentally look at you or take a peek at you when they walk by you. This is a glance that usually has no meaning behind it. It lasts only a few seconds. It will not last any longer than five seconds.

Level 2: A Glance With Meaning

Then there are times when someone will glance at you because they have a reason. Such as they want to get a better look at your face or even your outfit. Or maybe they are just trying to profile you a little bit better. This type of glance lasts more than ten seconds, but under thirty!

Level 3: A Gaze
A gaze is eye contact that lasts more than a minute. This can be done when someone is talking to you or if they are trying to figure out who you are from a distance. This usually doesn’t have much meaning behind it.

Level 4: A Stare

A stare is something that lasts for a prolonged period of time. It usually has substantial meaning behind it. Such as when someone finds you attractive or they are trying to have a conversation with you.

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Reasons A Girl Looks Into Your Eyes

She Likes You: When we like someone we try to make a decent impression on them. This means we do our best to have good body language. And part of having good body language is by maintaining good eye contact with the person that you like. How can you tell if this is the reason that she is looking into your eyes? By reading the signs around it. Not only will she be making eye contact with you whenever you are around, she will also exhibit other forms of body language. You might notice that a girl who likes you will play with her hair when the two of you are talking while she also looks into your eyes. She might twirl it around her fingers or run her fingers through it. This is a flirting tactic. You may notice a girl who likes you will also bite her lips while she is looking into your eyes. Also pay attention to what she is doing with her torso and legs. Is she directing her legs and feet towards you while she looks into your eyes? Is she maintaining good posture and pushing her chest out? These are all signs that she has a crush on you.

She Is Nervous Around You: Yes, even you might make someone nervous. Even if you don’t think it is possible. It totally is. She might be making eye contact with you because she is nervous. Why would she be nervous around you? There are a lot of different reasons. She might think you are overwhelming attractive or she may just think that you have a strong personality. She’s going to try to compensate for her nervousness by holding your gaze. This will help her become less nervous. Or she may just be trying to keep your eyes locked on hers because she doesn’t want her nervousness to show!

She’s Trying To Have A Conversation With You: Obviously a major reason that anyone would look into your eyes is because they are trying to talk with you. You will know this is the reason if the two of you are maintaining eye contact while talking, but releasing that contact once the discussion is over. You will also notice no signs of flirting if this is the case. You will notice she has no signs of being nervous either. Instead she is simply discussing something with you and that is it.

She Finds You Attractive: Yes, there may be times that when she is nervous it is because she also finds you attractive. However, sometimes she might not be nervous but she still finds you good looking. This means she will do her best to hide the fact that she thinks you’re pretty good lookin’ and try to maintain strong eye contact with you instead. She might be trying to avert her eyes from other areas of your body… If you know what we mean! Most of the time when someone likes another person they show many signs. One of these signs is looking into the other person’s eyes! Especially while the two of them are talking to each other.

She Has Something Substantial To Say: And lastly, there will be times when a girl looks into your eyes because she finds herself holding onto an important piece of information. This could mean she has good or bad news that she wants to break to you, but she doesn’t really know how so it’s taking her some time. You will know this is the reason for the eye contact if she eventually says something important and full of substance to you.


    • It is possible that someone who is looking into the eyes of their partner is interested in kissing them. However, that is not always the case. It is important to be aware of the situation and the behaviors of your partner. Ensure that your actions are always filled with respect. Have a great day, Moh!

  1. Comment:When she looks into ur eyes she has something at the beneath of her heart for u so don’t resist sort temptations..thinks

    • Thank you for sharing your positive and supportive comment. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Jerry!

    • Thank you for sharing your positive comment. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Ability!

  2. What to do if she is staring at your eyes at well as i do and it last longer Whether we are outside or in classroom???

    • She might just be looking at you, or she might like you. There is no way to know what she is thinking about when she keeps looking at you. If you think that she is attractive or want to date her, try making a move and see how she responds. Best of luck, Harry!

  3. What to do if she stares at me whenever i pass by her or she passes by what should i do though i want to talk to her but she’s always with her friends so i think that’s not a good way to approach her while she is with her friends

    • Just wait until there is an opportunity to talk to her alone. If that opportunity never arrives, try to talk with her and her friends. You will never know if she likes you back or not if you don’t try to talk to her and get to know her, so give it a chance and see where things go. Good luck!


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