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What Does It Mean When A Girl Says She Misses You?


When you’re talking to a woman, you can’t assume that you know what she actually means. This doesn’t just ring true with women; all human speech depends on context. But the way men and women speak often differs and these differences can become more pointed when romance is involved.

So, if you want to understand what your girl means when she says that she misses you it’s worth considering all of the different possible meanings. We don’t know the girl you’re talking to so we can’t tell you exactly what’s on her mind. What we can do is go over the most common meanings behind these simple words.

It’s up to you to consider the context, your relationship with the girl in question, and anything else that comes to mind to decide which of these meanings fits the situation you’re going through.

She’s expressing her emotions

People are emotional by nature, but women are taught to be more expressive with their emotions. This is something you need to remember as a man; women usually want a man who will listen to them and try and understand what they’re going through.

A woman isn’t necessarily asking for anything from you when she’s talking to you; there’s a good chance she just wants to know that someone in her life cares about her feelings. So when she tells you that she misses you, she wants to know that her feelings are understood and appreciated.

One way to do this is by returning the gesture and telling her that you miss her too, though you should probably save this reply for situations where you actually miss her. With that being said, don’t leave a girl hanging unless you’re prepared to let her walk out of her life.

She’s inviting you over

How long has it been since you’ve seen her? How far away is she? Girls tend to be a little less direct than men. A big reason for this is upbringing; the media often says that it’s “unladylike” to be direct with a man.

It’s the reason that women are less likely to ask a man out on a date. With that said, they are encouraged to be indirect, suggesting the things they want in a way that encourages the man to take proactive steps.

If you haven’t seen your girl in a while and out of the blue, she says that she misses you then it’s worth asking if she wants you to come see her or if she might want to visit you. Too many men have missed out on their chance to get lucky by letting this opening slip by.

She’s looking to make up

If you’ve been going through a fight, a separation, or an out-and-out breakup, then she might be trying to reconnect with you. Don’t take this to be an admission of guilt or an apology. If you’re fighting, she might still hold a grudge or be unwilling to apologize. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you’re willing to let things slide and let her back.

She’s lonely

People need human contact and interaction. It’s a basic need that is almost as powerful as the need to breathe and eat. As people go for extended periods of time without real human interaction they become more desperate.

There isn’t an easy way to tell how she feels about you. You have to talk to her more and see how she acts. If she’s always complaining about her ex to you, then chances are she really misses her ex and is using you as a source of human contact since she can’t go back to her ex.

When you meet up to see if she’s focused on you or if she’s distant. If she only interested in fulfilling her own needs and desires then you might not be that special to her. When people get desperate, they will turn to whoever can meet their needs. Once those needs are met, they will start looking for someone they are more interested in. Be prepared.

She’s being friendly

Did she say she missed you out of nowhere or did you say it first? If you mentioned it first then you have to be careful, she might honestly miss you, or she might just be friendly and afraid to hurt your feelings. Jumping to conclusions about her intentions can be dangerous. Don’t just assume that she has romantic feelings; it’s possible to miss people in an entirely platonic way.

How does she act when she’s around you? Does she treat you like a friend or is their sexual tension? Does she always talk about her relationships with other men and try to set you up with other women? In those cases she’s probably just a friend and telling you, she misses you in the same way you might say “I miss you bro” to your friend.


Don’t get ahead of yourself

Hope can be a dangerous thing. If you’re seriously crushing on a girl, then you might want to jump on anything that hints she’s interested in you. You can’t go too crazy based on one phrase.

With women you can’t just look at what she says, you need to think about the context she said it in and how she said the words. This doesn’t mean you have to go crazy over-analyzing everything. It just means you should try and find out more.

No matter what the case may be you might as well meet up with her. If you miss her and she says she misses you, then it’s worth getting together and seeing how things go. Just try not to bring too much baggage with you when you show up.

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