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What Does It Mean When A Girl Says She Wants You


Understanding girls is easier than a lot of people want to believe! Guys, if you’re confused with what a girl means when she says something, or her behavior don’t worry. You’re not alone, but it’s also easier to figure out what she wants than you anticipated. Say you’ve been talking with a girl for a while. Things seem to be going great. Then, she suddenly tells you that she wants you.

This could mean any number of things – all of them really, really great. There’s almost never a situation you’ll be in where a girl tells you that she wants you and it’s going to turn out to be a bad thing … unless you think she means one thing, but she really means another! Before you dive in, you’ll want to consider which context that the girl is speaking in, and what she really means when she says “I want you”.

1. She wants you as a boyfriend

This is pretty straight forward. If she’s telling you she wants you, it could possibly mean that she wants to be in a relationship with you. Not only that, but she wants all the things that come with a relationship! She wants you to be with her, to hang out with her, and be intimate with her.

It means that she likes you, a lot, and that she doesn’t want anything else to stand in your way of being together. If you’ve been flirting for a while and hitting it off well, you’re probably not too surprised by this turn of events. If you like her too, there’s no reason not to give her exactly what she wants: you!

2. She wants you to be friends with benefits

This one is pretty tricky, and will definitely need further discussion. But, when a girl says she wants you it could mean that she’s not looking for much beyond hooking up. If you two have been flirting and getting a little intimate with one another through messages, it’s definitely possible she’s looking for someone to have some no strings attached fun with.

If you like her as more than that, you’ll probably want to make your feelings known. After all, it can get awkward if one person has more feelings than the other person. But other than that, if you want her and she wants you, there’s no reason not to have a great time.

3. She wants to hook up

Rather than a friends with benefits type of situation, when a girl says she wants you it could just mean that she wants one night of fun. This is probably a girl that you don’t know too well – perhaps you met her at a bar, or in a group situation with some other friends. She saw you, you saw her, and sparks were immediate.

If this is the case, when she says that she wants you it’s definitely a sign that she’s super into you and wants to hook up. If you’re okay with having a one night stand, go ahead and entertain her – because the rest of your night will definitely be entertaining.

4. She just wants you

Sometimes, when a girl says “I want you”, she’s not trying to start anything at all. It could just be part of some sexy dirty talk that she’s trying out. She may not really want to get together, but she may just want to have some fun – either through messages or texts. If she texts you that she wants you, she might just be trying to rile you up for some sexy messaging back and forth, rather than suggesting that you meet up and do something about it.

If you suggest that you meet up but she doesn’t seem to want to, then that’s your sign that you should just stick to sexy messaging for now. After all, she might eventually work up the courage. Besides, sexy messaging can be just as fun – or not more! – than hooking up. You can really work out your creative side and have a lot of fun while still being intimate.

Final thoughts

There you have it! If you’ve ever been confused about what a girl means, these could be any of the possible choices. Girls will say “I want you” and mean so many different things. The best way to figure out what exactly she means is to drop some hints – whether it’s about going on a date, or meeting up later at your place.

Eventually, she’ll reveal exactly what she means when it comes to how much she wants you. Hopefully, the context of her saying “I want you” will be clear enough that you won’t be too confused! Of course, if you are, it never hurts to ask. It might be a little awkward, but it’s better than making the wrong assumptions.


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