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What Does It Mean When A Girl Says That You’re So Sweet?


Life gets complicated when you’re crushing hard. Suddenly every little thing that she says or does calls for a full investigation. Before you care about a girl she can say whatever she wants and you can just go on with your life, but once you start to get feelings, you can’t let a single moment or gesture slip by without examination.

If you like a girl and she says that you’re so sweet it could mean a few different things. If it were completely self-explanatory, you wouldn’t have turned to the internet for advice. We can’t reach out over the internet and grab ahold of your crush’s thoughts, but we can give you the tools to make some sense of the situation you’re in.

To get a handle on the situation, we’re going to ask you a few questions. If you take the time to think about them and answer them honestly, then you’ll have a better understanding of what you are with the girl you’re talking to. Let’s get started.

Why did she say it?

Context is key. You need to know what caused a girl to say something before you can understand what it means. If a girl walks up to you out of the blue and says “you’re so sweet,” then it’s a major sign of attraction. If you tell her you love her, and she just says “you’re so sweet,” and walks away then you’ve just been rejected.

The words “you’re so sweet” are definitely complimentary, but there’s also some ambiguity there. It could suggest she views you as a sweet guy she wants to be with or a sweet friend she’s glad to have around. To tell the difference, you need to consider things like her tone of voice and the context she said it in.

If a girl likes you, she will be looking for any excuse to compliment her. She might even say you’re sweet after you tease her simply because she wants to get on your good side. So, if you hardly did anything and she called you sweet then it might mean she’s attracted, but if you made a grand gesture and all you got was “aww, you’re so sweet,” then things don’t look as great.

What is your relationship?

Think about how she looks at you. Does she see you as a friend or could there be more going on? One of the biggest ways to tell the difference is considering how physically intimate you are. If a girl goes out of her way to touch you, then there’s a decent chance she’s attracted to you, but if she always keeps her distance, then the chances of you becoming more than friends are pretty slim.

Consider any other signs of attraction you might get from her. Do you often catch her looking at you? Does she stand closer to you than she does to other people? Does she contact you out of the blue? Does she try and get you to hang out with her? If she exhibits this type of behavior, then she might want to be more than friends.

Does she want something from you?

People are always quick with compliments when they want something. It’s not just women, think about all the things men will say to try and get into a girl’s pants. With this in mind, she might be complimenting you to get something from you or to encourage a certain type of behavior.

Did you do something for her to earn being called sweet? If so, then it’s not all that impressive. It’s probably the last she can do if you had to go out of her way. But if you didn’t really do anything and she honestly just wants to make you feel better then it’s more meaningful. Still, it might just mean she wants to be a friend.

Learning to relax

We’ve just gone into some pretty serious depth looking at the possible ramifications of just a few words, so this next piece of advice might seem a little ironic. But honestly, you need to be careful about becoming too obsessive. As we said earlier, it’s completely natural to freak out about little details when dealing with your crush, but that doesn’t mean it’s the sort of behavior you should allow to go on unchecked.

Maybe this girl likes you; maybe she doesn’t. Obsessing about her words isn’t going to change much. If you like her, you should really tell her so, whether she likes you or not. It might be scary, but it’s your job as a man. Women like men who are willing to take chances.

Hopefully, this article has helped you get some clarity. Still, the only way to find out what she really means and how she truly feels is talking to her.


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