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What Does It Mean When a Girl Says to Forget Her?


Perhaps you just went through a break up. Afterwards, you wanted to talk to your ex-girlfriend and see if she was still interested. She told you to just forget about her. Or, you were asking someone out and wanted to date her. Instead of saying yes, she said no and told you to forget that you even asked about her.

When a girl says to forget her, it can be confusing and hurtful. You care about her deeply, so all you want to do is think about her. It seems impossible that you could even go an hour without a thought of her running across your mind. Forgetting about her is out of the question. Worse still, there is the assumption that she will forget about you as well. The last thing you want is for this to happen, but you are left without any options about it. What does she mean and what should you do now?

What Does It Mean When a Girl Says to Forget Her?

When a girl says to forget her, it can mean several different things. The most obvious reason is that she actually wants you to forget about her. In most cases, the best thing that you can do is just listen to what she says and move on. We will cover some of the different reasons why she may say this and your options afterward.

1. She Is Done With the Relationship

If you just went through a break up, then there is a clear reason why she wants you to forget about her. She wants to move on, and she is tired of you asking to get back together. She wants to put the past behind her, and it is frustrating that you will not do the same thing. If this is the situation that you are in, then you can basically guarantee that she legitimately wants you to forget about her and move on. She is done with the relationship, and she wants you to forget about it as well.

If you are not dating, then there are several ways to take this response. She might be tired of you flirting with her or trying to make a move. She is trying to tell you this by letting you know that she wants you to move.

2. She Doesn’t Think She Is Worth It

Think back to the relationship. If you are not a couple, but you want to be, then she might be trying to warn you away from her. Has it been difficult dating her? Does she have a lot of stress or problems in her life? Does she have personal problems that make her difficult to be around? She might be telling you to forget about her because she does not think she is worth your love. She feels uncomfortable or guilty that you would waste so much time on her, so she is hoping you will move on.

If this is the case, you have several options. First, she might be right. She is the best person to know if she is just too much stress, so you might want to listen to her. If she just has a low self-esteem or an inflated idea of your worth, then you could still pursue a relationship. You will just have to convince that she is the woman of your dreams and entirely worth the effort.

3. She Is Trying to Let You Down Easy

If she says to forget about her and she is not worth the time, she also might be trying to let you down easy. She does not want to say that she is just not interested because she is afraid of hurting your feelings. Instead, she is trying to make it sound like it is her fault and you are not the one to blame. In this case, all you can do is move on. She is trying to voice her feelings, so you just have to listen to her.

4. She Feels Guilty or Has a Low Self-Esteem

Sometimes, she is still interested in you, but cannot bring herself to say it. She might feel guilty about taking up your time because she has a low self-esteem. A part of her feels like she just is not worth your attention.

5. She Is Trying to Manipulate You

This is the least common reason, but it does occasionally happen. Some partners like to test each other and see how their significant other responds. She may be trying to see if you will go to the trouble of wooing her and winning her heart.

If this is the case, she is being extremely manipulative. The last thing that you should do is encourage the behavior. Even if she seems like the woman of your dreams, you will quickly find out that the relationship is not worth it. Whenever someone tries to manipulate you or play games, run as fast as you can in the other direction.


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