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What Does It Mean When A Girl Says Whatever?


Women tend to say a lot of things that we don’t quite get. They are complex, beautiful yet mystical creatures that we never come to really understand one hundred percent. We know a woman is quick with her words and it’s up to us to keep up with them as fast as we can. Identifying the mood that a woman might be in is one of the hardest things we can do. They say and do a lot of things that leave us scratching our heads.

Like when they say, “Whatever.”

What could that possibly mean they are thinking? It is such a vague response to things. It feels as if there could be a thousand different reasons they are saying it and none of them sound appealing.

Well, you’d be half right if you think that.

It does have many unappealing meanings behind it, but it does not have a thousand of them. Actually, there only seem to be a few things that make woman say, “Whatever.”

She’s Very Upset With You

The most common reason that women use this word is because they are harboring some nasty feelings towards you right now. Resentment, frustration and rage are all often the terrible reasons that make her say this word. She will say it in a pretty nasty tone. A tone that says there is for sure something bothering her. Often times it is said through gritted teeth or done with a lot of emphasis.

It could stem from you not following through with something she was expecting.

Did you forget to do something she asked?

Or did you fail to remember something important?

Sometimes she might say whatever as a response to these things. Meaning she is not pleased with the outcome of the situation. She may refrain from talking to you for awhile afterwards, but usually in this case she will not stay angry with you long.

Especially if you offer to fix whatever mistake you made or at least gave some sort of apology that lets her know that you are sorry for making her feel that way in the first place.

Stressing her out will make her say whatever in a rude tone. She may not even try saying, but her frustration might overcome and make her say it anyways.

This is a jerk reaction commonly found by anyone who is upset about something. Both men and women seem have a reaction like this. There are not really any statistics to say which sex says this word angrily more, but we do know that a lot of men hear it from women.

When she tells you whatever in this fashion she is essentially telling you, “F- You.”

She Wants You To Go Away

There are certain cases when a woman says whatever because she does no longer want you around her. She will say it after you say something to her. She might automatically say it when she is getting hit on by a stranger.

She’s pretty much saying, “Whatever, buzz off!”

Even if she doesn’t say that last part out loud.

When someone feels uncomfortable with someone else they don’t always say that. Instead they turn to being a little snippy and vague by using the term whatever.

She might just not want to get personal with you, especially if she doesn’t know you. Her best way to handle this situation is by making herself appear more hostile and uninterested in hopes that you will leave her alone.

Pay attention to her body language. Is she turned away from you? Is she refusing to make eye contact with you?

These are usually good indicators that she is trying to avoid conversation with you.

She Really Doesn’t Care

Sometimes when a girl says this phrase, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything absolutely horrible. However, it does mean that she isn’t interested in whatever is going on or being discussed.

This is often the case if you asked her where she wants to go eat and she doesn’t really care where you go. It could also be something she says when you ask her what type of coffee she wants and so forth.

Usually if she says it in response to a question asking her to make a decision it does mean that she simply doesn’t care. This does not mean that she is upset.

She’s Tired

This one is a little more rare, but it is still a reason that she might tell you the term whatever in response to something that you have said. She may be exhausted from a long day or have just gotten back from a trip. That being the reason why she does not have the brainpower to respond to you with an actual sentence. She might just need some time to regain her energy before having a conversation about something.


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