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What Does It Mean When A Girl Touches Your Beard


If you’re a guy who has a nice, full beard, you’re probably used to people coming up and touching your beard, or asking if they can touch it. After all, who can resist just getting their hands in that big, fluffy pile of hair on your face? Getting your beard touched is probably an everyday occurrence, especially if you have a thick, magnificent beard. So, you might be trying to figure out what it means when a girl touches your beard.

After all, you get plenty of people doing it. Is there a difference when a girl you know touches your beard? When a girl touches your beard, does it mean something more? Perhaps it means that she likes you, or that she’s trying to flirt with you? The short answer is: yes, maybe. If you’re trying to figure out what it means when a girl touches your beard, see if any of these reasons make sense to you.

1. She’s curious

Chances are, she’s touching your beard because she’s curious about it. People seem drawn to touching men’s beards, especially when it’s grown out very thick so that it covers a good portion of the bottom half of your face. Men with thick beards draw in almost as many people to their facial hair as people with thick, curly hair.

Something about it just draws people in. For whatever reason, the magic of the beard makes people want to reach out and touch it. Girls are, usually, no exception. If she’s touching your beard, it might just be a sign that you have a magnificent beard and she wants to touch it. Who can resist sticking their finger tips into a perfectly manicured beard? No one, that’s who.

2. She’s flirting with you

Now, beard touches could mean a number of things. Sure, she might just be curious and want to touch it. But, she could also very well be trying to flirt with you. Girls offer affectionate touches to their friends way more than guys do. While he touching your beard could be read as platonic, there’s also a chance that she just wants to touch you, and she’ll use any excuse to do so.

Your beard, as flowing and amazing as it is, is a great excuse for her to touch you affectionately as a way of flirting. The touches may be accompanied by flirtatious lines or sultry looks. If she’s trying to flirt with you, you’re most likely going to know it. There’s a difference between the way girls touch their friends when they’re just being friendly, and the way girls touch the people they’re trying to flirt with.

3. She’s being affectionate

On the flip side of flirting, there’s a chance that she’s just touching your beard because she’s trying to show you some platonic, friendly affection. Again – you’ll know when a girl is flirting with you, versus when she’s just being nice. There will be no presence of any other flirting methods when it comes to a girl just being affectionate with you, versus when she’s actually flirting with you.

If you have other friends with long hair or beards, you may notice that she does the same thing to them, as well. Her affectionate touches will be distributed evenly among the rest of her friends. Though, if you have a nice beard, she may be tempted to touch it more often.

4. She likes you

Girls who like you will often want to touch you, or be near you in some way. If she’s taking every opportunity that she can to touch your beard, it may be a sign that she wants to be close to you because she likes you. Does she touch you in other ways as well? Perhaps she holds your hand, or touches you lightly on the arm.

If she’s giving you more attention and affection than she does the other people in your social circle, it might be a sign that she’s really into you, and is trying to see if you’re into her, too. If you are, there’s no reason not to let her know. After all, you’ll both probably have a lot more fun when she touches your beard in private.

Final thoughts

Beards are pretty amazing. You can’t blame anyone who just wants to come up and get a good touch of a nice, thick beard. Girls are no exception. There’s a good chance that any girl who is touching your beard is just following the laws of nature.

But, there’s an equally good chance that she’s trying to flirt with you, or that she likes you. Make sure you pay attention to the rest of her body language and how she interacts with her other friends. If you’re the only beard that she seems interested in, there’s a big chance that she likes you.


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