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What Does It Mean When A Girl Touches Your Nose


Boop! You’ve just be tapped on the nose. You’re chatting with a girl and her small, delicate finger has teached across the space between you and tapped you on the nose. Now, you’re here, searching the internet for all of the possible meanings. Are you sure you don’t just want to roll with it? No?

You’re desperate to find out what it could possible mean? Well, look no further. A girl has touched you on the nose, and now you’re confused as to what it means. Is she flirting? Does she like you? Well, let’s find out. There are a few different things that a girl touching you on the nose could mean, so let’s explore them.

1. You’ve got something on your nose

Okay, let’s get this one out of the way. Are you a messy eater? Do you have a cold? A runny nose? Are your prone to debris hanging from your nostrils? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you might want to consider that she’s genuinely just trying to point out that you’ve got something on your nose and she’s trying to be polite about it.

While this is embarrassing to consider, it’s much better to know ahead of time rather than think she’s being playful. It’s not her fault you didn’t bother to glance in a mirror before meeting up! Excuse yourself to the bathroom and make sure your nose is debris free. If so, then she might just mean something a little more than this.

2. She’s being playful

Girls are much more tactile than guys when it comes to giving affection, so there’s a big chance that when she touches you on the nose, she’s just being playful. Touching the tip of someone’s nose is a friendly gesture, often one meant to show a certain kind of affectionate. It’s probably something that she does with her other friends as well.

It’s not a particularly intimate or sexual move, so she’s probably not trying to jump into bed with you. But, it is a friendly and playful move. So, when she touches you on the tip of your nose, it’s probably because she’s being friendly or playful. You don’t have to read too much into it.

3. She’s flirting

On the other hand … it could be possible that she’s flirting with you. A touch on the nose can be a pretty flirtatious move. You’ll probably want to keep an eye out for other body language tells that can also be interpreted as flirting. Is she laughing at all of your jokes, and leaning in close to talk to you? Is she subtly copying your body language, and looking you in the eyes?

These are all tell-tale body language signs of flirting. So, if she’s exhibiting other signs of flirting, then a touch on the nose just may be her way of trying to be flirtatious with you. It means that she has to get close to you, as well as touch your face. These are both intimate gestures that can be read as flirting.

4. You have a cute nose

Do you? Or have you never really thought about your nose in that context? Take a good, long hard look at your nose. Is it cuter than the average nose, would you say? If you’re not sure, you may want to take a girl touching your nose as a sign that you have a nose that is just far superior than the average nose. Much like kitten noses, people find it hard to resist touching the tip of their finger to the perfect nose – “booping” it, if you will.

If you’ve never considered that you have a cute nose before, you may want to get a second opinion. A cute nose will never be without a boop for long. A girl touching your nose might just mean that your nose is very, very cute. Be proud, and be prepared to get your nose touched by many more women in your lifetime.

Final thoughts

Getting touched on the nose by a girl can be a silly, affectionate gesture – or it can mean that she likes you. Worrying too much about a little boop on the nose means can make it difficult to catch the other signs that she’s either into you, or isn’t. Pay attention to her body language and the way she acts around you for a better understanding on what a touch on the the nose really means.

If she’s into you, you’ll definitely know it. If not, that touch on the nose is just that – a touch on your perfectly, cute nose. Don’t worry, you’re not the first guy to get confused about what it means. Now that you have the knowledge, go forth with more confidence should ever the nose-touch situation arise again.



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