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What Does It Mean When a Girl with a Boyfriend Flirts with You?


You know she has a boyfriend but she seems to be pretending that she doesn’t. She gives you the come hither stare, the tinkling laugh, and the light tap on the thigh. What could she have going on in her head to flirt with you so brazenly when you know that she’s taken?

Why Girls In Relationships Flirt With Other Guys

She is just being nice. If you’re not used to girls flirting with you, try to take a step back and see if this girl with a boyfriend is actually flirting with you. For one, she might just be a nice, friendly girl who likes talking to new people. Try to assess whether her actions denote flirting or not because if you assume that she’s flirting when she’s just being nice, then you’re in for a lot of disappointment!

She likes the attention. There are some ladies who just like the attention. They want all eyes on them when they’re dressed in their best night out dress. And so when she realizes that there aren’t any guys paying attention to her, she might go on the offensive and outright flirt with any guy she deems attractive – and that’s you. Oftentimes, she’s not flirting with you to be with you. Instead, she just wants you to shower her with attention. In her mind it’s a win-win situation: she gets the attention she craves and you get a pretty girl flirting with you.

She Flirts With You A Lot But she Has A Boyfriend

She wants to feel attractive. When a woman has been in a relationship for a while, things can feel a little stale. The romance might be dead, and the passion might have flown out the window years ago. She might be craving the feeling of having someone falling head over heels for her and you might just be her perfect candidate. It’s not like she wants to leave her boyfriend for you, it’s just that she wants to know that despite years of being in a stable relationship, she still has what it takes to turn heads.

She wants to make him jealous. This behavior seems to be more common with women than it is with men. When a woman with a boyfriend flirts with other guys, there’s always the possibility that it’s her passive aggressive way of showing how unhappy she is in her relationship. It’s like she wants to tell her guy, “hey look! I’m still attractive enough for other men to want me, so you better start treating me right before I leave you!” Flirting with you could be her way of trying to make her man give her more attention. And if you’re caught in the crossfire, the best thing to do is get out of there before her boyfriend tries to pick a fight with you!

She wants a taste of the single life again. Maybe she’s been in the same relationship for years and while things are going great, she’s still craving a day of freedom. And by freedom we mean freedom to flirt around with no strings attached. She might just be craving that one day when she can feel young and free while all the boys at the bar ogle her and hope she’d give them her attention. Consider this her outlet and keep in mind that your little flirtation probably means nothing to her.

She wants a side guy. If her flirtatious behavior seems to be leading to more than just chatting, she might be looking for something more. And by something more, she might be willing to ditch fidelity and hook up with you as her side guy. If you’re fine with that, then you belong together. If you’re not, it’s best to just leave her be and find another girl who’s not already taken.

why is she flirting with me when she has a boyfriend

She wants to break up with her boyfriend. Breaking up with her guy and flirting with a new one don’t come hand in hand, but it could be her only way of expressing her disdain for her relationship. Maybe she doesn’t have the guts to break up with her guy and so she wants her guy to find her flirting with you so he would break up with her. Maybe she’s just so lonely in her relationship that she wants to feel loved. Or maybe she’s the type who never wants to be single, and so she’s already on the prowl before her previous relationship ends.

She likes to stir up some drama. Maybe she’s just bored and she wants some excitement out of her relationship. Maybe she wants one of those romantic movie moments where her guy sees you with her and he knocks you out and sweeps his gal off her feet. Maybe she’s just nuts and wants to stir up a bit of trouble to keep her occupied. No matter her motives, we have just one piece of advice for you – run!

Weigh your options – you can continue flirting with her and potentially be disappointed because she’ll pick her guy or you can end all this and just find someone who isn’t taken.


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