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What Does It Mean When A Guy Argues With Me?


Arguing with anyone can be stressful, but arguing with a guy can be extra annoying! When we fight with someone it induces anger, stress and confusion. And when we fight with a guy that we have a crush on it can be soul crushing. So why would a guy want to put us through all of these different, terrible feelings? Well, sometimes it can get misconstrued why a guy is trying to fight, debate or argue with us. We might think it is simply because they hate us, but that is not true at all. There can be many different reasons as to why a guy might be taking time out of his day to annoy us in this way. Want to know what those reasons are? We thought so! Which is why we have compiled a list of them right here for you to look at to help you figure this mess out!

what does it mean when a guy argues with you

The Reasons Why:

He Thinks He Is Right: More often than not when a guy continues an argument it is for the same reason that you do. You both think that you are right. Although the subject matter might not have been important, people tend to get a little bit heated when they truly think that they are right about something. Which is most of the time! It can be hard to come to a solution when the two of you feel so strongly about something. This often happens with politics or religions. Things that really focus on opinion bases can really get two people at one another’s throats. It is best to understand that you both might have differing opinions and that neither of you is right nor wrong.

You Had A Miscommunication: Another major reason that a guy might argue with you out of nowhere is because you two had a slight miscommunication. This can happen. Especially if one or both of you is having a bad day or in a bad mood. The more agitated that you are, the more likely you might misunderstand someone with their tone or their words. Think about what got the two of you fighting with one another in the first place. Do you even remember? If not, there is a good chance that one or both of you were just in a bad mood and felt the need to take it out on someone. This happens a lot when two people have been seeing each other for an extended period of time. It is less likely to be the reason if the two of you are just friends or crush’s at this point.

He Is Trying To Get  A Rise Out Of You: Can you believe this?! Yes, sometimes a guy might start an argument with you just for the heck of it! Sounds awful, but it is totally true. He might say something along the lines of, “You’re so cute when you’re mad!”

This might lead us to believe that he simply starting crap with you because he thinks it is adorable or funny. He will do so with a smirk on his face and also light hearted words surrounding the argument. If this bothers you, let him know. Tell him that you do not think that it is funny to start an argument just because. Let him know that it is only causing you added stress. He might stop doing it if you just talk to him about it! You never know!

he likes to argue with me

He’s Really Upset: He might be arguing with you because you truly hurt him in one way or another. Such as you cheated on him or you did something that really pushed him over the edge. He might actually be very unhappy with something. These arguments might be his way of trying to let you know how he really feels. It is up to you to listen to what he is actually saying when he is arguing with you. He is probably telling you why he is mad, but if you are not paying attention you might not catch the reason. So listen carefully. This is important in any friendship or relationship anyways.

You Said Something Offensive: Think carefully about what you two were talking about before this argument began! Did you say something out of the ordinary? Something that a him, as a guy or a friend or boyfriend, might find utterly offensive! Maybe you took a dig at his appearance or way of doing this. Or you dissed his friends, family or someone dear to him. You may have accidentally said something that he might take to heart. Even if you didn’t mean to, it does happen sometimes! If this is the reasoning as to why, you might want to consider giving him an apology. This might clear things up and bring you guys to resolution.


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