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What Does It Mean When A Guy Asks For A Kiss?


Girls, by nature, are givers. There is no way around that, we just are. If a person asks us for something, we try to deliver to make them feel happy regardless of how we really feel about whatever it is. I believe that is why guys push their luck and ask for so much, and things that are not theirs to ask for.

Because we practically trip ourselves trying to please them and everyone else around us so they assume that we will continue that habit no matter what they ask for. Some guys are sweet and ask for small things, like notes and hand-holding. Other guys are jerks and ask for hook-ups and one-nighters.

Then, there is a middle ground, where guys are somewhere between sweet and innocent and young and horny. Those guys are typically the ones we fall for, because every girl chases the bad ones occasionally in life but no girl wants the horrible ones because she knows where that will lead.

When a guy blatantly asks if he can kiss you, it leaves you wondering which type of guy he is and exactly what his intentions are, which can leave you tail spinning while trying to make an audible response. In order to help you along, I have asked a few guys to clarify what they mean when they ask a girl if they can kiss her. Here were their responses:

1. They find you attractive and want to share a kiss with you. This is typically rooted a little more deeply than just a first look. The guy normally has known you for a while and finds more about you attractive than just your looks. It means he would like to have a relationship with you and you probably already know that.

2. He thinks you are beautiful and that your lips look very kissable. He is wondering what it would be like to kiss them. This is more of a physical attraction that can stem from a very short time of knowing you. If you got stuck together at a friend’s party, this would apply by the end of the night.

3. He is wanting any kind of female contact at the moment because he feels horny. This has nothing to do with you and would be a kiss that he would try to escalate quickly regardless of who he was kissing. To him, you are not special. Remember that if you can. After your first time being used and thrown away, this is a lesson you will not forget.

4. He could be very inexperienced and wanting to make sure that he is reading the signs right. This guy is being very polite and sweet which means that he actually cares for you. He may not know exactly how to go about getting you to be his girlfriend but that is what he is looking for.

5. He is asking because he does not know what you want. This could be because you are sending him mixed signals. If you like him, then say yes and clear it up for him. Lean in a little and let him come towards you to seal the deal. Your signals will be loud and clear then and there is no way he could misinterpret them.

6. He has seen one too many movie and is expecting you to swoon at his feet. This is typically the ladies’ man type who is clearly just trying to get another notch in his belt. Be leery of this guy unless you are looking for the same thing. Then, by all means, go for it. Just remember that this guy is normally a sexist jerk that considers himself a modern James Dean in the long run, so be prepared and don’t get caught falling for him.

The next time you find yourself scrambling for explanations, you should be a little more prepared. Remember that timing is everything. If the guy has not known you long and is asking for a kiss, then he is likely only after one thing. If you have known him for a while and he has been flirting with you pretty steadily, then he is likely into you for a relationship and is trying to get one started.

The important thing to consider is how you feel about it. When he asks you for that kiss, think about whether you want to kiss him or not. If you do, then go for it regardless of what you think his motives are. Remember that you only live once, so do not make regrets for yourself to stew on later. If you do not want to kiss him, tell him so. Do not leave any gray areas left open for interpretation or you may find yourself in the same situation a little further down the road.


    • He is interested in kissing you. You want to kiss him. Your feelings are normal, as you may not feel that it is appropriate to kiss him at this time. Determine what you want for your future. If you want to kiss him and feel comfortable with him, then speak with him about your thoughts. Perhaps inform him that you also want to kiss him. Have a great day, Megan!

  1. I have a friend he is a guy we knowned each other for a year and a half but the only thing is he very mixed signals towards me like if we get in a argument he is very very flirty with me for exsample he will tease me about if I think he is hot and he wont quite till I say yes then he sends me hearts and kissing emoji but the only thing is recently he asked me if I kissed anyone and I said no then he asked if he can practice kiss with me I told him on my bday but he said it was to long he don’t think he can wait that long so then he said will you get mad if I kissed you before that I said no only if its off guard then he said can I kiss you I want to teach you etc after a day or two that he hasn’t text back I had to I don’t know if its to make me feel better I told him why you flirting he said he can stop but I said no I have no idea he is my brother friend and I don’t know if that’s why buy we only text he comes over like every day but what do I do cuz I do want to kiss him but im going to catch feelings and I told him that he also called me baby I don’t know and I cant date and he knows that so what so I do what do u think does he like me or not

    • You are aware that this relationship will influence your relationship with your brother. It is possible that your brother is aware of his friend’s feelings toward you. You may want to to determine what you want for your future. Perhaps speak with him or with your brother about your thoughts and feelings. This will give you an opportunity to make a decision regarding this relationship. Have a great day, Faith!


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