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What Does It Mean When A Guy Asks For A Picture Of You?


Pictures are a large part of life. Especially in today’s modern day and age, when selfies, as they popularly say, “Are life”. Everywhere we go, click and look upon there seems to be pictures. So when someone wants a picture it usually isn’t that out of the norm for them to ask for one. It might seem normal for your grandparents, mom or even your best friend to ask for a snapshot of you. But what does it mean when a guy asks you for a picture? It would be simple if there was just one straight up reason, but unfortunately it’s a little more complicated than that.

There are a few different reasons a guy could be asking for your selfie. But first you have to ask yourself things like who is he to you? Or how long have you known each other? Or even how do the two of you talk?

Why are these questions important? Because they are going to be what points you to why he is asking for a picture of you. They are going to be what tells you what it all means!

You want to ask yourself who he is. Is he a stranger or have you two been friends for a long time? Where you stand in your relationship as two people is going to tell you a lot about why he would want your picture.

You want to think about how long you have known each other, because it is going to make more sense for someone that you have known a while to ask for a picture versus someone who you just met. This will usually tell you their intentions.

And what platform you talk on, if any, or if you talk in person might also signal to what is making him ask such a question.

Let us explain more as we go over some of the reason a guy would ask for a picture of you.

The Reasons Why

Reason #1: He Is Attracted To You

Well, first and foremost one of the most common reasons that a guy would ask for your picture is because he finds you extremely attractive. This is a reason that you can identify by the time the two of you have known each other. If he simply only wants your pic because he finds you attractive then it probably means you two have not known each other for that long. He might ask your for an actual photo or ask you to send a special photo of yourself digitally because he simply enjoys looking at you. Be weary of people that you haven’t known that long. The shorter the time, the more creepy the reason could be that he’s asking for this. If you catch the drift…

Reason #2: He Likes You As More Than A Friend

Now this is the second most common reason that he might be asking you to give him your picture. Of course, this would have to mean that the two of you have known each other for an extended period of time. And most likely he talks to you in person as well as online. You might be able to tell this is the reason if you two have been talking for awhile and there has been quite a bit of flirting going on, too. You might be on the road to a relationship at this point and now he just wants a picture of you because he really likes you as a person and enjoys peeking at you. Maybe he likes to see a picture of you because it cheers him up!

Reason #3: He Wants To Show You Off

Another reason that he might be requesting this is because he wants to be able to show you off anytime he pleases. This is probably the reason if the two of you have been friends, friends with benefits or have been dating for a very long period of time. This may also be more of the reason if he asks for an actual picture of you in person and not digitally. Take it as a compliment, because it means he thinks you are super hot and he wants his friends to know just what he’s got!

Reason #4: He Wants To Exchange Photos

He might also be asking you only because he wants you to ask him in return. He may not actually be that concerned with getting your picture, but something in him is making him want for you to ask for his picture. He might be thinking that this will prompt you to do so.

Reason #5: He’s Going Away Somewhere

And lastly, of course, he might want a picture of you because he is going travelling. There may not always be times where he will have cell service and be able to look up your picture on a social media platform. He might want a real picture of you to carry in his wallet. Why? Because he obviously cares about you very deeply!