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What Does It Mean When A Guy Asks For Your Opinion?


Guys know everything; that’s why mansplaining has become a real word. They don’t want, or need your help to do anything because they always have the answer, regardless of whether it’s the right answer or not. Keeping that in mind, when a guy asks you for your opinion, it can totally blow your mind and leave you wondering how he got replaced by an alien without anyone noticing.

That fear is usually put to rest though, when you go ahead and give your advice only for it to be argued against and ignored. The kicker is that he usually has to do whatever it is your way after his way has failed anyway.

Beyond advice, men are very good at not listening in general. You can give him exact instructions about where to find something, and he will come back time and time again empty-handed. Honestly, that’s why a lot of women stop trying to give advice or instructions to men. There’s just no point.

This doesn’t even have to be applied to a romantic relationship. Your father, brother, best friend, boyfriends, or any other male figure in your life have all ignored you quite frequently.

So, if a guy doesn’t listen to your advice, why does he ask for it? There are actually a few reasons that the guys in your life may be trying to get it out of you. If you want some good reasons for their behavior, you could run around and ask guys to explain themselves in an interview but, let’ s face it, that would take a lot of your time and you would have to repeat everything you said to each guy which would drive you insane.

To help you out, I did it for you. Whew. Thanks goodness you don’t have to do all that legwork! I asked guys what it means when a guy asks for a girl’s opinion about something and here are some of the responses I got:

1. He simply wants the opinion of a girl and you’re there

No rocket science here. If a guy that you never talk to suddenly asks you which shirt would look best on him, it’s because he’s using your opinion and assuming it will be shared by other girls. Help the brother out, and then move on.

2. He respects you and values your opinions

It could be about something simple, like which tie looks best, or something more complex, like what college he should go to. The fact of the matter is that he sees your opinions as being worth something to him. This could be because he treasures your friendship.

3. He is trying to express that he likes you and wants you to have a small say in his life

In reality, guy probably only do this to try and get you closer. For example, if you tell him that his green ball cap looks good on him, then he’ll start wearing it every day because he thinks you find it attractive.

4. He has other intentions

He wants to know everything about you and learning your opinions tells him details that he wouldn’t learn otherwise. This kind of asking means that he’s in pretty deep and is thinking about a more long-term relationship with you. Guys who aren’t interested in getting serious really don’t care about your view on politics, religions, sweet pickles vs. dill, and other topics. Those guys stick to the shallower end of your values.

5. He is buttering you up for something

You can normally see this one coming from miles away because he’ll ask you how to do something that you know good and well he can do on his own. It’s all because he wants you to remember that he valued your opinion two minutes before he asked if it was cool if he went to the bar with his buddies and stayed out all night.

The next time a guy asks for your opinion, you should have a pretty good idea of why he’s asking. If he actually listens to it, applies it correctly, and then tells you about it, then that boy is head-over-heels in love with you because that never happens. If you can, try to document it and send it to his mom to put in his baby book.

Trust me, she’ll be overjoyed that he finally listened to someone. Also, it would be fun to be a fly on the wall when he tries to explain to his kids why some strange lady from his past is in his baby book later in life right beside the pictures of him taking naked toddler baths and wearing elementary school atrocities in the first day of school pictures.

Hey, blackmail is blackmail and every mom, wife, and girlfriend enjoys it from time to time.


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