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What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks You to Wait for Him?


You are rushing to get to your next class, and your crush asks you to wait for him. You are too busy to actually stop and see what he wants, so now you are curious about why he asked you to wait for him. Depending on the situation and your relationship, there are a number of reasons why he might be asking you to wait on him.

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First, you have to think about the situation. Did he want you to wait for him to walk to class together? Did he ask you to wait for him after school so that you could talk? Did he tell you anything about why he wanted you to wait for him?

If he just asked you to wait for him to walk with you to class, then he might just enjoy your company. If you normally walk to class together, then he might just view you as a friend or need your advice. If he normally does not walk to class with you, then he might want a chance to get your advice on a problem or he might like you. He may be using this time to get closer to you.

In some cases, the guys asks you to wait for him after school or at a specific location. The location makes it sound like he needs to talk for longer than just a few moments. Think about the location and environment. If it will be just you and him, then he might have something important to say (like his feelings about you) away from anyone else. If there will be other people there, he might just want you to wait around for him so that you can walk in together and he won’t have to be alone.

The situation, environment and what he normally does will greatly determine why he wants you to wait for him. We will cover a few of the more common reasons why a guy might ask you to wait for him.

1. He Wants Advice

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Guys are not always good at figuring out what girls want. If he thinks of you as a friend, he may want to ask you how to ask another girl out or how to make his girlfriend happy. Likewise, he might want to get your advice on something at school or work. If he knows that you are stellar at math, he may be trying to see if you would be willing to tutor him in math class.

2. He Is Interested in You

This is probably what you automatically assumed when he asked you to wait, but it is not always the case. There is a chance that he likes you and wants to be around you though. When you like someone, you want to spend a lot of time with them and get to know them. He may be too shy to ask you out, so he is trying to become friends with you first. He may also want to ask you out now, but he wants to get you alone first so that no one else sees the rejection if you do reject him.

3. He Has a Problem

If you normally hang out or have the same group of friends, he may want to talk to you about a problem. Someone may be spreading a rumor, and he wants to talk to you privately to see if it is true. He also may have a problem with someone you are close to, so he wants to get your take on the situation.

4. He Hates Being Alone

When you are in high school, being alone can be intimidating. Everyone is known by who they hang out with, how they look and what they do. Some people are fine with walking through the hallways on their own, but other people feel insecure. If his friends already went in to class, he may be asking you to wait so that he has someone to walk around with.

Other Types of Waiting

The previous reasons are for if the guy asks you to physically wait a few minutes for you. If you are dating him, asking you to wait means something entirely different. If you just started dating, he may be asking you to wait because he is not ready for a serious commitment. If this is the case, you should probably just move on. Unless there is an understandable reason—like having a stressful project that ends in a week–, asking you to wait is extremely manipulative and cruel. Some guys will ask a girl to wait because they want to keep a backup plan around in case their first choice does not work out. In these cases, it is entirely up to you whether you want to wait for him or not. You really have to consider if it is worth it, what his reasoning is and if you actually want to put off living your life for someone who may never actually date you.


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