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What Does It Mean When A Guy Bites His Lip?


Have you ever worked with horses? Horses have tells that let you know what they’re thinking and paying attention to. If they are slobbering and chewing while being worked in a round pin, then they are giving you control. If they keep one ear turned to you, then they are focusing solely on your instructions.

In fact, every animal has tells if you know what to look for and pay attention to them. It turns out that people aren’t all that different. When you see a person lean back into their chair and cross their arms, you know they are bored. When you see them raise their eyebrows, you know they are surprised. If you begin watching all of the signs they display, then you’ll soon be able to read people like a book.

Although guys have all of the normal tells, one if their more confusing signs is biting their lip. A lot of ladies have a lot of different reasons as to why men may do it, but I figured that guys, themselves would have better answers. So, to help you out in interpreting the sign, I asked a few guys to give me reasons that they have bitten their lip before and what it meant to them. Here are their answers:

1. He’s nervous

Shy guys have a nervous habit of biting their lips around a pretty girl. You’ll know if this is the case because he will also avoid eye contact, look everywhere else when you talk to him, and duck his head as he blushes about anything and everything. He is never bold and is adorable. You know you’ve met a shy one when you suddenly have the overwhelming urge to take him under your wings.

2. He thinks he looks cute when he does it

He is trying to impress every girl in a ten-mile radius so that he can tell his friends about how every girl in town thinks he’s hot. Beware of this guy because his ego is bigger than your house and he would date ten of you at the same time. Not to mention, no one wants to be with a Justin Bieber wannabe. Or the real Justin Bieber. Just saying.

3. He’s flirting

This is his way of trying to let you know that he likes you. It’s a nervous movement that comes up only when he’s around a girl he likes because he’s having a moment’s pause before he responds to everything and says something he’ll regret. Of course, you have to make sure he isn’t doing it to everyone else before you get your heart set on a white picket fence and future plans. You’ll know he’s flirting because he’ll smile a lot and crack jokes. If he focuses all of this attention on your conversation, then he’s into you. To show him you’re interested, bite your lip back or smile at him.

4. He thinks you’re hot stuff!

His movement is giving away that he finds you really attractive. This is the typical reason for a guy biting his lip that you don’t know or have never seen before. It is nothing worth trying to pursue because he is only attracted to you by your looks as he knows nothing about you but can be seen and taken as a compliment to you from a stranger. Everyone could use more compliments.

5. He is after sex and is arrogantly thinking that he’s seducing you

Guys can be dumb, especially if he’s seen one-too-many movies about hot guys playing the field. If he’s talking about you to his friends while you can see him pointing your way and biting his lip, then he’s talking about you like you’re a piece of meat. Just because you have a nice ass doesn’t mean that he needs to treat you that way. Stay away from this kind of guy, because he’s the hump’em and dump’em type and, once he gets what he wants, he’ll disappear and tell all of your secrets to his friends. Unless that’s what you want, of course. If that’s the case, keep your secrets close and set boundaries.

The next time you have a guy in a round pin, oh sorry, a guy around you that is showing the tell biting his lip, you’ll know a little more about what it could mean. Be sure that you understand what it is that you want before making any moves in his direction.

Now that you know what those signs mean, with a few context clues, you will be able to figure out what you want to do pretty quickly. If the two of you are on the same page, bite your lip back, or smile at him. Otherwise, flip your hair around and let him know that you aren’t interested.


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