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What Does It Mean When A Guy Blocks You?


Guys are complicated creatures. They have a way of knocking a girl right off her feet and then leaving her cold and alone. Just when she gets used to the cold, he walks right back up and offers her a warm fire. It’s so confusing that girls are typically left with their heads spinning trying to keep up with his latest mood.

One of a guy’s favorite moves to knock a girl off balance is the cold shoulder. They like to pretend that women are the complicated ones that play mind games, but guys have an entire playbook of them and women hate mind games. Also, if a woman is thinking of giving a guy the cold shoulder, it’s normally because he did something idiotic. A guy just does it to see what happens and to force you into being the submissive one. At least that’s what it always seems like.

In order to figure out why guys decide to give a girl the cold shoulder, or block her suddenly, I went out and asked a few guys to explain their odd behavior. Hopefully this will help us to understand what is going on in their minds so that we aren’t so damn confused anymore. Here are the responses I got:

1. He got what he wanted from you and doesn’t care to see you anymore. This is well-known as the old hump ‘n dump. If a guy is only after one thing and he gets it, he has no use for you anymore. That is, unless a time comes around that he wants to get it again and then he’ll suddenly come back around.

2. He is no longer interested and doesn’t want you digging around in his business. There is normally a confrontation of some sort before this happens like a break-up, or an argument. Or maybe you know he was just cheating on your best friend and he doesn’t want that info leaking.

3. He is confused about his own emotions and is taking a break from you to figure them out. This is okay because it is better for you if he figures them out before getting you involved in any way. There is nothing worse than getting with a guy and then figuring out that he isn’t sure about his own intentions. He could also be really into you and confused about his reactions to you.


4. He needs space and time to think. In order to have that quiet moment, he took you out of the picture. This is not necessarily a bad thing. He could be trying to figure out if he’s ready to propose, or if his head is in-line with his heart.

5. He is following bad advice to try and get you to miss him and realize your feelings for him. This is one of those mind games that men pull. Why not just ask you how you feel about him? No one really knows. But this is one of his go-to moves to have you eating out of the palm of his hand. It’s the old trick of calling you every day and then waiting you out to see if you’ll go to him.

6. He is trying to prove a point to you. Yes, it’s yet another mind game. Perhaps you disagreed with something he said and he is now trying to get the point across that if you don’t agree with him, he won’t like you. Blocking you is his way of shutting you out until you beg. Don’t beg.

7. He disagreed with you about something and doesn’t know how to talk to you about it, so he just cut off communication instead. This is pretty childish, but we have all done it in one way or another at some point. The blocking will probably only be temporary since the two of you will eventually forget about the whole disagreement.

8. He is tired of seeing your status updates about your meals, your workouts, and everything else that you are doing. Some people prefer simplicity and constant updates clog their feeds. Don’t take it personally; just shrug it off and move on.

If you get the sudden cold shoulder from a guy, at least you’ll have a few ideas about what could be causing the odd behavior. Just figure out if he’s worth it to you to go through the trouble of deciphering his reasons and getting him back. If he’s not, then just let it go and move on with your life. If you think he’s playing mind games, run in the other direction because he sucks and you don’t want to deal with that in your life. If you like him and think he’s worth it, then just ask him what’s up. It’s the easiest thing to do.

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  1. I was dating this guy back in September 2017..we hit it off he was great we were intimate. About a month and a bit in he started having problems at work..and was laid off. He was very sad and very down on himself. I encouraged him. He was drifting away from me and i Let him take his space. We chatted here and there but pretty much were not an item more. About 3 weeks ago ( 3 montgs after I saw him last) we connected on Facebook we had common interests and he popped up. We started chatting again here and there. Yesterday we were chatting he asked me if I had been dating. Naturally I had been on a couple coffee dates so I told him this. He then proceeded with “why are you messaging me when you are messing ( he did not use the word “messing”) around with other guys and showing interest in me? Good luck and don’t message me anymore” I was shocked where did that come from? I explained I was not messing with anyone. In fact he was the last guy ive eveb kissed. He made some rude comments about me not getting his previous message about “not messaging him anymore” He told me he’s blocking me.. He then blocked me.
    Seriously crazy! I say …see ya.

    • He has blocked you and shared his feelings with you. He is no longer interested in maintaining a relationship with you. This is due to the reasons that he has shared. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Take this time to determine what you want for your future without him. Have a great day, Michelle!

  2. I met a guy online on a dating site we met up hit off and everything went great he said he was interested in a relationship we hung out frequently, texted frequently. When I went on vacation he called me every night. We ended up being intimate. Things still seemed good. We were still seeing each other regularly then one night after hanging out I told him maybe we should stop seeing each other so I don’t take it for more than what it is because I felt a weird vibe. he never responded but I reached out to him again when We talked about it he said he was really into me but didn’t know what to say because he thought things were going so well. As time began to pass I noticed a few inconsistencies I’d text him he wouldn’t text me back for two days or wouldn’t text me at all and he would say it was because he was busy or because he doesn’t like texting or to be near his phone but he would still be active on social media during the time he ignored me. At one point I asked him if I did anything wrong he’d say no he was just backing off because he was catching feelings and he wanted to take things slow this was after two months now. He claimed this was because he had been cheated on in the past and every time he opens up it hurts and backfires on him, but I still would open up to him.Then when it hit four months he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship but he wanted to be fwb but a little more than that and we could still go out to the movies and everything and if it leads to a relationship so be it. We continued to hangout and after a while he wasn’t working he would ask me to borrow money and for rides places and I would do favors cause he had paid me back in the past. Christmas came around I had to wish him merry Christmas first he didn’t think to at all. After that he didn’t reslly talk to me so I messaged him and asked if we should stop what we were doing because I really cared about him and didn’t wanna get hurt. He never responded so I messsged him again and said I assumed he agreed but would he be able to pay me back when he got the money he ignored everything else and said yes. Every time after that when I tried to collect the money from him he said he was out of state so after about two or three weeks of this I messaged him and said I felt like I had been played by him and told him how I felt. He ended up blocking my number. Now everytime I message him on Facebook for the money he reads it and ignores it. Now I feel like an idiot and feel like I was crazy for telling him how he had hurt me because I got blocked and he avoids me. Am I crazy ? Did I expect too much? Should I just have stayed quiet and given him time to get over his past? Did he even really like me?

    • He has chosen to disrespect you. He has chosen to steal your money. It is likely that he has no interest in returning your money. Take this time to determine what you want for the future. If you want to seek legal action, then do so. If not, then allow thoughts of this person and your money to fade. Have a great day, Jenna!

  3. Well my crush keeps asking for nudes we like eachother but I kept declining him, so I told him how I felt and then started to tell him I was on my period and has pms (mixed signals) and he started to say “I don’t give you mixed signals” and yelling at me. He blocked me. And in school we would hug hold hands and we weren’t even together. He told me a excuse he didn’t wanna hurt me and he didn’t want to break up saying he lost feelings. Help!

    • He was not treating you with respect. He wanted nude pictures of you and did not offer an emotional relationship. He then chose to block you. He is disrespectful and immature. You are lucky that he is not still attempting to communicate with you. Allow thoughts of him to fade. Learn from this lesson and protect yourself in the future. Have a great day, Francesca!

  4. A guy that I’ve been friends with for awhile recently expressed interest in dating me. We have great chemistry and similar values, so we agreed to go exclusive. Last night, we had a humorous exchange thru Messenger. This morning, I’ve discovered that he has blocked me on all social media. No rhyme or reason for it and no warning whatsoever. He asked me out only two weeks ago…what happened?

    • There may be a variety of reasons for his actions. It is possible that his feelings has changed,. It is possible that he may feel embarrassed about something he said. Someone else may have blocked your from his accounts. Take this time to determine what you believe is appropriate action for you to take. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Have a great day, Ella!

  5. I started talking to this guy my age I saw on Instagram cause I thought he looked cute, he started talking to me to because he said I was really pretty. We talked for ages and things seemed to be going well, we even arranged to see each other later on. Then one day I messaged him asking if he was free a different day and he said that he’d ask, i then stupidly realized that I wasn’t free that day anyway, so I said ‘I just found out I’m busy then anyway’ then he saw it left me on ‘opened’ and blocked me! I’m just so confused and I don’t know if it’s just because I said something, I still have him on ig cause he hasn’t blocked me on there shall I confront him on dm?

    • He has chosen to block you. He is no longer interested in maintaining a relationship with you. There may have been a variety of reasons for his actions. Allow thoughts of him to fade. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Take this time to determine what you want for your future without him. Have a great day, Charl!

  6. I met a guy, we were seeing each other for almost 2 years already. We were so happy but we usually fight since he is a grumpy guy. He is a workaholic which is okay for me. We aren’t in a committed relationship but we usually talk about us. We are close and seeing each other one or twice a month. He has a lot of things going on in his life so relationship is nt a priority for him now and me as well. I told him that if ever he will fall in love with someone he will tell me. And he agreed to it. We were happy 2 days ago and now he blocked me in all social apps and in his phone. I don’t know why did he blocked me as we were just together 2 days ago happy hanging out and enjoying.

    Is it because I’m becoming a little bit dramatic with the relationship or is it I’m becoming a stress to his busy schedule?

    Please help. I’m planning to talk to him and see him maybe a few days cause I want to give him his space first. I tried to find a way to communicate with him but he still blocked me in my other account.

    • Is it okay to see him few days after he blocked me? I really want to know why, i already agreed to what he like “ that repect boundaries and enjoy our time together” or we will just be nothing but friends” and now he blocked me without any reasons.
      He knows i hate being blocked, so I really want to talk to him to know why and in order for me to stop thinking. I need to know why and then i can Start over again.

      I plan to go to his place without him knowing since I’m blocked. Please help what I can do. I still want him in my life even if for friendship only I can accept for now

      • He has blocked you. He is unable or unwilling to continue nourishing a relationship with you at this time. Allow thoughts of this person to fade. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Allow thoughts of him to influence you in a positive direction. Treat everyone in your life with kindness and compassion. Have a great day, Kmze!

    • He has blocked you. He is unable or unwilling to continue nourishing a relationship with you at this time. Allow thoughts of this person to fade. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Allow thoughts of him to influence you in a positive direction. Treat everyone in your life with kindness and compassion. Have a great day, Kmze!

  7. My situation is absolutely bizarre. I started dating a guy on February 3rd. Just for some background: he’s friends with my ex and we had a brief romantic entanglement in December once I was single. He ended up deciding he wanted to be friends…but he wasn’t very clear with me. I found out he was in a relationship thru FB and was deeply hurt.

    Fast forward to this month: it was my first time seeing him since December due to work and family obligations. We both decided we we’re into each other and wanted to start dating. His work takes him out of town, so I haven’t seen him since the 3rd.

    We mostly communicated thru messenger and I liked his stuff on Facebook, which is what I did in the beginning when we were just friends. His communication was weird because he works such long hours each week. This Thursday, the 15th, we had a completely normal conversation, our usual witty banter.

    The 16th he blocked me on social. No rhyme, reason, or warning. I have no idea what I did. Granted, I message more frequently than he does, but I don’t understand why he would do this. I’ve simply decided to give him space after sending him a single text asking if anything was wrong and if I had offended him.

    He is one of those people who goes silent if he wants space…but with us “dating” I thought he would at least tell me he was going to do that.

    Due to issues with past relationships, he wanted to keep it off FB for awhile. Did I spook him with liking his posts so frequently?

    What I want to know is: what do I do? How do I proceed from here? Do I give him a long while to think on things and then request an explanation? Is he even interested or is playing games with me? This blocking me thing has left me reeling and any advice you can give would be helpful.

    A part of me truly believes he’s just taking time to examine his feelings and he needs a clean break for that…but that might be wishful thinking. Please help, I’m at a loss of what to do.

    • He has blocked you. He is unable or unwilling to continue nourishing a relationship with you at this time. Allow thoughts of this person to fade. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Allow thoughts of him to influence you in a positive direction. Treat everyone in your life with kindness and compassion. Have a great day, Emma!

  8. I met this guy in 2013, I’ll call him D. He was divorcing already and he was great guy. Very quickly we really were into each other, texts, calls, meeting every second day, there was strong connection, it felt amazing. After couple of months we were intimate. Soon after he divorced and moved to own space, it was small but he thought it will be enough for us. I didn’t want to feel pressure that he left his ex and didn’t want to see him for a while. Then our relationship started to fade, he would still call and text but I often wouldn’t answer. Some time later I met other guy, got married.. When he started beating me I called again D and he made me feel better over phone. He said I should call police but I didn’t. When my husband called me “dog” saying I’m ugly, I sent some naughty naked pics to D and it made me feel better because he would say I’m sexy and pretty. We were getting warm again and D would ask to meet, but I was putting it off saying “soon, very soon”. But I didn’t really want to meet him, he was my emotional support, my dearest friend but that was all. Husband was still beating me and not giving any momey so I asked D to borrow and he did £100. I said I’ll give it back, but was surprised when he asked me to do so later on, I thought he would not need it and think it was a gift. Anyway, after a year of silence I contacted D again, he always made me feel good, but he said “a lot of water passed under the bridge” and that he would prefer not to be in touch. I texted him again in few days but he blocked me. I sent him emails but he didn’t reply. It hurts me he doesn’t want to talk to me. What does it mean? Why he is ignoring me, am I such a bad person?


    • He had shared his thoughts and feelings with you. You ignored him. He blocked you. There is no reason to reach out to him. Allow thoughts of him to fade. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Take this time to determine what you want for your future without him. Have a great day, M!

  9. I met this guy back in October, we had a one night stand in November. Then continued this as a frequent thing aka ‘friends with benefits’ and we both agreed to not catch feelings and unfortunately of course I did, obviously I kept it a secret until out of the blue he blocks me on everything (no reason or explanation why). The only thing he didn’t block me on was YouTube & I still have access to his soundcloud as we’re both djs so we have the same interests..he seems to keep liking songs with love lyrics in them, it’s going back and forth between us because I feel that’s the only way I’m communicating with him..about a month passes and then he unblocks me messaging me asking me to see him (11th feb) then two days later he blocks me again? But every time I leave his house he always tells me to message him when I get home okay etc, It’s extremely confusing because he’s still liking songs named like ‘I want you back’ or more love lyric ones and I just can’t pin point what’s going on with his head? So the past few days I’ve been ignoring the songs he’s liked, I haven’t liked any since & it seems to be driving him insane throughout the lyrics but yet he still hasn’t unblocked me, it’s extremely confusing, does he like me or does he not?

    • He has blocked you. He has shared his thoughts and feelings with you through his actions. He is unable or unwilling to nourish a relationship with you. He is likely confused or uncertain about what he wants for the future. Allow thoughts of him to fade. If he reaches out to you, then share your kindness and compassion with him. Have a great day, Cherry!

  10. I meet a guy on tinder and that same day we meet in person at a club I was with my friends and him too, we spend most of the night together and we just hold hands and talk I felt like we had alot of chemistry and we were having a good time , and even he took the initiative to make plans for latter on other days , and when I went to the restroom him and his friend were gone and he blocked me from everything ,I couldn’t even send him. A message and I’m confused , what came wrong that he did that maybe he didn’t like me that much or the way I was dressed (my dress was too short ) or I don’t know , and I really really liked the guy 🙁

    • He has chosen to block you. This may have been for a variety of reasons. He may be unwilling or unable to nourish a relationship with you at this time. Social dating applications often lead to relationships that may not be viable. Take this time to determine what you want for your future, and then take appropriate action. Allow thoughts of this person to fade. Have a great day, Lm!