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What Does It Mean When A Guy Blushes?


Guys live on another planet. No, not really. They just speak an entirely different language than we do. Since we can’t read their minds, some of the simpler things they do can leave us feeling confused. Because of that divide, it sometimes feels like we need a translator to help us figure them out as they are not as simple as they claim to be.

When a woman acts a certain way, it means a certain thing. Like, when she bats her eyelashes, it means that she’s attracted to the guy she’s talking to. Guys are not quite as easy to understand, but they have some basic behaviors that can be figured out with a little leg work.

In order to translate their behavior into something tangible, other guys are needed. Since they are the same gender, they are able to translate their actions for us so that we can stop the guesswork. I went out and did the hard part for you. Now, all you have to do is read.

I ran around and asked guys if they could explain a certain behavior for us and what all of the possible meanings were. The behavior I asked about this time, was a guy blushing. Let’s face it, guys are not the shyest about any kind of intimacy, so what in the world could be making them blush? Luckily for us, we now know. Here are the reasons that guys gave for a blushing male:

1. They are shy

Their shyness could cause them to turn beet red anytime someone singles them out and speaks directly to them. This doesn’t mean that he is into you, just that he is afraid to be in the spotlight all by himself for fear of messing something up publicly. He feels like he forgot to put on pants before he went to school like in a nightmare.

2. He’s nervous

He is interested in you and afraid he’ll say something stupid that will drive you away which makes him nervous. His nerves cause his face to get bright red, which makes him more nervous because he knows you can see it and he is afraid you will think he is weird or too shy.

3. It’s awkward

He used to like you and knows that you know it which makes him feel awkward and causes him to blush. He feels like he is being put on the spot to see if he still has feelings for you and he doesn’t like that position. He could also have some lingering feelings for you which would put him right back up to bullet number two.

4. He likes you

He thinks you are pretty and it makes him feel like he is on the spot to get everything right. He doesn’t want you to walk away because of him and is trying to remember everything he can about how to talk to girls. Also, his thoughts may not be so wholesome and it is embarrassing him that he is thinking the things he is thinking. This is normally a younger guy with very little dating experience.

5. He’s thinking about you

He has been fantasizing about dating you for a while and feels like you know it all of the sudden when you talk to him. He feels like you can practically see into his soul at the moment and is embarrassed about having thoughts of you with him. He feels like that puts him at a disadvantage because he wants you to be his so badly.

A guy blushing doesn’t always mean that he’s into you. If he blushes every time someone talks to him, then he is just a very shy person. If he only blushes when he talks to you, then look for other clues. Is he smiling a lot and making eye contact even if it’s only for a second before looking down? Is all of his attention on you or is he looking around? If he is paying attention to every word you say and just unwilling to maintain eye contact, then chances are that he is into you.

So, what should you do if you notice that he is crushing on you? It’s simple; figure out what you want. Don’t go to flirting with him if you aren’t even remotely interested because that’s just rude. If you like him, flirt and let him know it. If you don’t be friendly and walk away. It’s not fair to anybody to throw around a lot of mixed signals so figure out where your heart lies and go with it. He’ll appreciate that honesty either way.

At least now you won’t be confused and will have the knowledge to figure out what that blushing means! Just remember to use it wisely and be sure to always figure yourself out before you react to him.

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