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What Does It Mean When A Guy Brings You Food?


Let’s face it- Food is life. We love it and we need it! What isn’t to love? And what makes getting food and eating it even better? When you get it from a really cute guy! Food brings people together. So it is not that weird at all that someone might bring you some. But the question now is… Why? Why would a guy go out of his way to bring you food. Especially as a surprise. Even if he did tell you that he was on his way with a bag of your favorite treats, you still might catch yourself wondering why! What’s the explanation? What reasoning would he have for doing so? Well, don’t overthink it too much, because we have all the answers you need. We know why a guy would bring you food. Want us to let you in on these secrets? Great! Just keep reading you shall soon find out what they are!

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The Reasons

He Wants To Cheer You Up

One of the best ways to make someone feel better when they are down? By feeding them, of course! He might have caught wind of the fact that something has been bringing you down as of lately. He might know that you lost a loved one, your dog is sick or you have been having a rough first few weeks at your new office. Whether he just found out from somebody else or he has been listening to you vent. He might think that bringing you something to eat might help ease of the load of your burdens. Hey, he probably isn’t wrong, considering food (especially delicious junk food) can release certain chemicals inside of you that will help make you feel better. It might not be long lasting but it certainly doesn’t hurt… At least for a little while.

He Is Trying To Make A Date

He might tell you that he wants to bring you some food as his way of trying to set up a date with you. This is essentially the very same thing as asking you out for a date. Dates do not always have to be at fancy restaurants. He wants to sit down and eat with you. This will be his way of getting a chance to talk to you or bond with you. Like we mentioned, food brings people together. It is a good way to have someone’s attention when you want to have a discussion or you have something important to tell someone.

He Knows You Are Broke

Unfortunately, life can get tough for some of us once in awhile. We might find ourselves struggling to afford even the simplest of things. Like food. It isn’t the nicest thought, but a guy might actually be going out of his way to bring you food because he is aware that you are having a tough time financially. You may have even told him that you were struggling to make ends meet. This is a nice thing that he would be doing for you. You might feel offended, but try not to. He is just trying to be a good guy and look out for you. This means that he truly cares about you and how you are doing. He wants you to be happy and healthy. To be healthy, you must eat. So let him feed you!

if a guy buys you food does he like you

He Wants To Butter You Up

Do the two of you already know each other fairly well? Has he recently done something to make you sad, annoyed or even angry? Well, if so, then he might be bringing you food as a way to make up for it. Often when people fight with each other or make a mistake they try to reconcile with food in some sort of way. They might invite you to dinner or surprise you with your favorite food. He is hoping, that by doing this, you will come to forgive him for whatever he may have done to you. Of course, this does not always work, but if you want our advice then we suggest at least eating the food! Free food is good. It would be a shame to let the opportunity go to waste!

He Just Needs Some Company

Okay, this reasoning might be a little sadder than most, but it is a fairly common one. He might not have any romantic interest in you at all, but he still wants some company when he eats. This implies that he might be feeling a little lonely. Eating by yourself every single day can really wear down your spirits and even bring people to a depression. He might be reaching out to you simply as a friend, because he does not always want to eat by himself. And he might bring you the food as an offering to do so with him.


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