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What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You A Tank?


When a guy calls you something out of the blue, such as a “tank” it can send you spiraling. What could he possibly mean by such an odd term? This term can have various different meanings. So it is hard to tell whether it is a compliment or an insult. The only way that you can find out is by reading the following reasons why he would say that to you and picking the one that best fits the situation you were in when he said it! Go ahead and keep reading below to learn more.

Reasons A Guy Calls You A Tank:

He Thinks You Are Physically Strong: Although a guy calling you a tank could mean a plethora of things, one of those things could be that he thinks you are one tough cookie. And by tough cookie we mean incredibly strong! Do you hit up the gym? Do you have a muscular build? If so, he might be calling you a tank because of it. He could think that you are super strong and that makes you one bad girl! Bad as in awesome, of course. You may have done something to show off how strong you are and that is why he is calling you a tank. He means it as a total compliment when said in this fashion.

He Thinks You Are Mentally Strong: Or he could be telling you that you are a tank because he thinks you are strong when it comes to your emotions or mentality. A tank does not have to be something physical. He could mean it as your ability to deal with stuff is very strong and that makes you a tank of a person. It just means that you can withstand the toughest of situations and that you are not easily bothered. It means that you do not let life get you down without a fight! Essentially he is calling you a fighter. This is most likely the reason if you are going through a bad time in your life and talking with him about it. He is saying it as a compliment.

He Thinks You Are Fat: Unfortunately, when a guy calls you a tank it does not always have a good meaning behind it. Sometimes the term can be used as an insult. What kind of insult? The worst kind. He could be making fun of you because he thinks that you are overweight. Technically calling someone a tank can mean that you are calling them fat. This is one of the most sad reasons that he might be calling you this name, but it is fairly common. So if he has poked fun at your weight before then him calling you a tank could be just another way for him to continue making fun of you.

He Thinks You Are Tall: He might just be making a comment on your height. People tend to think that super tall people can’t be messed with. That would mean that he is calling you a tank due to how tall you are. You can tell that this is the reason he is saying it by paying attention to see whether he has made any other comments on your height. Or if he makes comments on your height in the future.

He Thinks You Are A Tank In Gameplay: Once in awhile when a guy calls you a tank it could mean he is talking about gameplay. There is a term called Tank when it comes to MMORPG games. The tank is able to go up against the opponent and take most of the attack without being harmed. It is the player that is able to distract while the other teammates deal damage to the opponent. Tanks are one of the most valued players in the game, because of what they do to help the team. Normally the character is very bulky and able to take a lot of damage before they die. If the two of you play games together and you take on a character like this, there is a good chance he is calling you a tank because of it. Or he is saying that you are like that character in the game and that you are able to take a lot of damage in real life.

He Thinks You Are A Downer: The last reason that a guy might call you a tank is that he might think you are tanking a situation. You might be bringing everyone down and being a debbie downer. That means you are putting everyone in a bad mood. This is probably the least common usage of the term, but if you are bringing people down then there is a chance that this is what he means when he calls you a tank.


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