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What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Adorable?


It definitely feels good when a guy gives you a compliment. Sometimes it can catch us by surprise and leave us wondering, ‘Where did that come from?’ Especially when it’s a compliment based off of quite literally nothing.

Or at least you assume so.

There is usually always a reason for a comment made by a guy.

They don’t just do it for no reason! Usually anyways.

So, what does it mean when a guy compliments you, but more specifically when he compliments you in such a way as calling you adorable?

Most of the time these comments are made when a guy thinks you are attractive. However, there are a few other reasons that he might find you adorable. Read below to find out what those reasons are!!

Reason #1.) You Did Something Cute.

Okay, let’s be honest, just because he called you adorable doesn’t always mean that he likes you as more than just a friend. Things could be strictly platonic. He might have just wanted to tell you that you were adorable because you were doing something adorable! You could have hiccuped or been a little clumsy, among various other things guys find cute, and he wanted to let you know that he found it charming. No, it doesn’t mean he wants to get into bed with you. He just wanted to flatter you a little bit, especially if you did something slightly embarrassing.

Reason #2.) You Have An ‘Adorable’ Physique.

Men will think that a girl is adorable if she has certain characteristics to her physique. Usually things like wide eyes or being petite will be the cause for this comment. He may like a specific thing on your body that makes you seem adorable to him. Are you short? Men who are bigger than a women tend to think that small woman are ‘adorable’ because they are so much smaller than them. Do you have chubby cheeks? Often times a man will think a woman is adorable if she has chubby cheeks. It’s the same reason old people want to pinch your cheeks when you are younger. They’re just super adorable, I mean who can resist cute chubby cheeks? Really, who can?

Reason #3.) You Said Something He Doesn’t Like.

Just because he called you what seems like a compliment, doesn’t mean it was actually a compliment. In fact, sometimes when a man calls you adorable, he is mocking you. Were the two of you in a debate or argument? Did you make a point and he respond with, “Oh, that’s adorable.”? That’s often a sign that he is making fun of the statement you just made. He is belittling you. You must pay close attention to the context surrounding the situation. He could just think it’s ‘cute’ that you think you are right, when he absolutely believes that you are wrong.

Reason #4.) You’re Inexperienced With Something.

He might find it simply cute that you don’t really know what you are doing. This could be happening at work or when you are trying to accomplish something. He might think your effort and failure are a little cute. Especially if he is experienced at this and you are not. This might make him call you adorable. But, hey, at least you are trying, right!?

Reason #5.) He Really Likes You.

Do you find that this guy is calling you adorable all the time? Like 24/7, anytime you do or say anything? That’s a good indication that he has some feelings for you or, at the very least, thinks you are super attractive. When a guy has a crush on a girl, he will spend a lot of time complimenting her. Whether it’s on something she’s doing, the way she acts or her physical appearance. Some guys prefer to use the terms beautiful or cute, others like to use the word adorable or even sexy. It varies from guy to guy. That may just be the term he likes to use on women.

Reason #6.) He’s Trying To Cheer You Up.

Sometimes when a guy compliments you in a way such as that, he’s just trying to get you to smile. Were you having a hard time before you made the comment? Did something bad happen and he is aware of it? Does he know that you are somehow feeling insecure? If so, it’s totally possible he called you adorable to cheer you up. There might not be any meaning behind the choice of word. That may just be the word that popped into his mind when he was thinking of things to say to you.

Sometimes a guy calling you adorable means that he’s really into you. Other times he’s just being polite. It’s all up to you to read into the situation at hand before deciding what it really means!


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