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What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Hot?


Guys enjoy labelling girls. In their eyes, girls are cute, ugly, hot, sexy, unattractive, too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too bitchy, too high-maintenance. Girls can’t just be girls to them because that would be less patronizing and guys love feeling better and more important than a girl. The tricky part about those labels, is that they are all used in multiple ways, so determining what they are actually meaning can be tricky.

When a guy calls you hot, you automatically think he is calling you the equivalent of sexy, or thinking about just one thing, but that may not be true. Since the titles have different meanings, it can be complicated trying to understand what all “hot” can mean and what he is actually trying to say to you. Responding while confused is never a good thing and only serves to leave you with regrets.

In order to help you out with all of the possibilities, I went out and asked a few guys what they mean when they call a girl hot. The answers may surprise you. Instead of wondering what in the world he’s trying to say, you will now have an arsenal of knowledge to translate his comment with. Here are the answers that guys gave:

1. He is your friend and wants you to know that you are working it in whatever you are wearing. He is your support system; your guy BFF. He wants you to know that you are super gorgeous and deserve to be told so. This guy typically helps you set relationship goals for dating. Just with other people.

2. He is trying to relax you on your first date by complimenting you in a way that will make you smile. It’s always better to relax so that you can enjoy your time together and get to know one another better. This doesn’t have to happen on a date, just in time together. If he follows his statement up with more light-hearted conversation, then he is into you. If he follows it only with sexual innuendo, then he’s only after sex.

3. He is saying that your body and looks are smoking! This means that he is enjoying looking at you and is the equivalent of saying you are sexy. When he uses it this way, you typically know it and that it means only one thing. It’s a cheap compliment that means he is giving you a verbal confirmation of his approval. And thank goodness because how could you live without his approval?

4. He knows you well and is saying that you, as a person, are hot! He likes everything about you including your personality, looks, and heart. If he knows a lot of your downsides and still says you’re hot, then believe it because he is being sincere. This guy is interested in more than a one-night stand or a little flirting. He’s shooting for a relationship.

The next time you find yourself in a situation where a guy is calling you hot, you will have a repertoire of information to apply. This, along with whatever context clues you can gather, will give you the answer you’re looking for. That will let you know how to respond to his comment as well. If he doesn’t know anything about you, then he’s just looking for something easy.

If he knows you well but is a platonic friend, then he’s complimenting you because that’s what BFF’s do. If he’s known you for a while and has been flirting here and there, then he’s seriously into you. Remember that the most important piece of information for you to consider is how you feel about what he is saying. Figuring out what he is saying will allow you to react internally before you react out loud. If you’re skin crawls immediately, then you are not interested in buying what he’s selling.

Let him know that with a quick “nope!” Like Meghan Trainor sings “my name is No, my sign is no, my number is no. You need to let it go.” Sorry, got distracted for a moment there. Anyway, knowing yourself and understanding your reactions is crucial to living a full life and having no regrets. If him calling you hot makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over, then there is something there that you need to investigate.

You could just like him because he is attractive and that’s no reason to enter a relationship. If you like him because you know him well and are attracted to everything about him, then, by all means, give him a smile and flirt a bit. After all, you only live once and one day you will look back and regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.


  1. I told a woman “she is looking sexy tonight.” I left the compliment there and didn’t try to push forward on it. She says I’m trying to get with her. Yes I said she was looking sexy but I was not intending to get with her. If I had persued her in some way then I feel that would be trying to get with her. Any thoughts?

    • Comments regarding someone’s physical form, especially when you use the word “sexy”, are clear indications of your flirtatious thoughts. Your flirtatious behavior was correctly interpreted by this person. She was not comfortable with the way that you spoke with her. It would be best to allow her to reach out to you in the future. Do not attempt to speak with her until she speaks with you. Have a great day, Jack!

        • Thank you for sharing your positive and supportive comment. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Michele!


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