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What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Interesting?


Did a guy recently say that he finds you interesting? If so, you are probably wondering, ‘What on earth could that possibly mean?  And you would be totally, 100% in the right to be wondering that, because there are many different reasons behind why he would say such a thing! It’s hard to understand where a guy is coming from when there are so many different things that he could mean. Lucky for you we know each and every reason that a guy might say something like that to you. Take a look below to see what they are!

you re interesting meaning

He Thinks You Are Eccentric: Eccentric in the dictionary is described as a person who is unconventional or slightly strange. So there might be the chance that he is calling you interesting because he thinks that you are an eccentric person. Don’t take this negatively! This can definitely be a major compliment. You might not be like anyone he has ever met before and he thinks that makes you very interesting to him. How can you tell if this is why he is calling you interesting? It is hard to tell, but if you notice he says it after you make strange actions then it is probably the reasoning as to why he is saying it to you.

He Likes Your Look: There might be a time in your life when a guy comes up to you and calls you interesting solely because of the way that you look. You might dress out of the ordinary, do your makeup in a wild way or have brightly colored hair! If these apply to you then it is definitely possible that they are exactly why he is telling you that he thinks that you are interesting. However, mostly when they mean it due to this reason they will tell you that they think that your look is interesting. Sometimes the detail is left out though.

He Thinks You Are Weird: Did he seem to say it in a more negative way? Was he a little distasteful about it? Did it feel as if he was judging you? Then you may be worried and you would have every right to be. When a guy calls you interesting in this way it can mean that he thinks you as a person are incredibly weird. This means that he does not like your personality at all. It’s up to you to listen carefully to how he calls you interesting. The tone of the voice gives everything away.

He Is Interested In Getting To Know You: Other times a guy could say that he finds you interesting simply because he is intrigued by you. It means he is going to try his best to get to know you further in the future. When he says it with this meaning it means that he feels as if you are a mystery to him. A mystery that he has yet to unravel. He will definitely say it with intrigue and probably make plans to see you again if this is what he is thinking when he calls you interesting!

He Thinks You Have An Interesting Outlook: Have you said something crazy or deep while the two of you were talking? Did he say you were interesting shortly after that? Then there is a good chance that he is saying that you finds you interesting because of the things that you have said to him. Whether he means it positively or negatively we do not know. It is important to listen to his tone of voice. Did he say it grimly? Or did he say it in a more enlightened way? This is what is going to tell you how he is feeling about your words and thoughts.

It’s His Way Of Saying He Likes You: Sometimes men do silly things… Like tell you that they like you in the cryptic ways that they possibly can. One of these ways is by telling you that he finds you interesting. He might also say that he wants to get to know you better in the future. He is virtually saying that you caught his attention and interest. How are you possibly supposed to tell if this is what he means when he calls you interesting? You will notice that there are other signs implying he is developing feelings for you. He will flirt with you, use body language and talk to you consistently. Just look for other signs that he likes you and you will be able to determine whether or not this is what he meant when he said it.  There’s a good chance he wants to continue building a bond with you.

He’s Simply Intrigued By You: Or he could honestly mean nothing other than that he thinks you are interesting as a person. It might not have much meaning behind it at all. Sometimes people say things as a fleeting thought and nothing more.


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