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What Does It Mean When A Guy Checks You Out?


Ladies everywhere know what it feels like to be checked out by a guy. Sometimes it’s sweet makes you feel all tingly, other times it’s creepy and makes you feel all tingly for other reasons. When you’re casually walking by and you notice a guy checking you out, it can cause you to wonder why he’s looking.

Normally, you feel uncomfortable slightly which is followed by wondering if your pants are unzipped or you have a stain on your shirt, and leave you feeling more confident, after you’ve ruled out the wardrobe options.

If you’re wondering exactly what he is thinking while he rakes his gaze over you, you’re not alone. All women have tried to decipher what could possibly be going on in his mind while he’s looking. We never know if they’re thinking that our outfit would look cute on their girlfriend, or if they are undressing us with their eyes.

To help translate the looks, we asked some guys about what exactly is going on in their heads so that we can stop guessing and thinking the worst. Here are a few of the reasons they gave for checking women out that you can keep in mind next time you find yourself as the focal point of his attention.

1. They are thinking that you’re hot stuff and enjoying looking at you. An important thing to remember here is that guys are attracted to confidence. Even if you’re more like Ugly Betty than Scarlett Johansson, if you exude confidence, you will turn heads. In fact, your looks can have absolutely zero percent to do with him thinking you’re hot.

2. They are literally in their nothing box and don’t even realize they are looking at you. This happens a lot and actually has some fascinating scientific evidence of men in their nothing boxes. Men’s brains are hardwired differently than ours which means they have areas of the brain that do absolutely nothing. Seriously, when you ask them what they’re thinking and they say “nothing,” they were actually not thinking of anything! Crazy, right? This can cause them to be looking right at you and not thinking a single thing.

3. Something what you are wearing has caught their eye. This doesn’t have to mean that your cleavage or stomach is showing, just that you’re wearing a hot pink shirt or jeans with rhinestones all over the butt. Of course cleavage will draw his eyes your way, but so will anything else eye-catching.

4. When a guy is continuously checking you out, it means that he’s wanting to get to know you better and maybe even go out for a date. He obviously thinks you’re cute and knows you a little better than that, so he’s thinking about you in a different manner, like girlfriend material.

5. If a guy is checking you out and talking to another guy, then he is definitely talking about you. They could even be discussing how he was just checking you out or how they both have checked you out. This is one of the circumstances where girls tend to feel the most uncomfortable because they never know if the guys are talking crap about them or not, but most of the time, talking negatively about you does not follow raking gaze. Relax and give yourself a quick boost of confidence. Remember that no one can make you feel uncomfortable without your permission. If you’re interested, check him out right back and then smile as you walk away.

6. He’s thinking about a few things that he would enjoy doing with you. This is always the one that girls assume is actually going on, and it does probably dominate the reasons for their gazes, but it’s not the only reason. If a guy has raked his eyes over you several times in a just a couple of minutes, then he is thinking about sex with you.

7. It can also be an automatic reaction to you being there. As people, we all look at people, what they look like, and what they’re wearing when we first see them. That is how we formulate our first opinions of the person before they ever even speak. Normally, this type of checking you out seems colder and you can tell the difference. It’s a quick, once-over while walking on most occasions.

The next time you catch a guy checking you out, you should be able to tell, at least a little, which end of the spectrum he is thinking on whether it be a quick assessing look, or a lingering sexual look.

No matter why he is looking, the absolute best reaction you can have is to sport a half grin and walk away. Even if he was just looking to see what he thought of you initially, that confident grin can have him thinking about you for a while.


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