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What Does It Mean When A Guy Ditches You For His Friends


Getting ditched has to be one of the worst feelings in the world! It certainly has the ability to bring your confidence down and even make you wonder, ‘Why would someone do this to me? What have I done wrong?’ And you have every right to wonder those types of things. When someone leaves us hanging, after making solid plans, it really can throw us through a weird loop. However, it is important to remember that most likely it isn’t anything that you have done. There is nothing wrong with you and just because someone ditched you does not mean you are a bad person. We get that when a guy ditches you for his friends, it can almost be worse than when a friend that is a girl ditches you. But you may not be to blame for such a thing. So don’t over think it too much! Yes, there may actually be several different reasons as to why a guy would do this type of thing to you. Some good, some not so good! Want to know what these reasons are? Great! That is exactly why we have compiled a neat little list of them for you to look at. Just keep reading and find out now!

What Does It Mean When A Guy Ditches You For His Friends

The Reasons:

He Already Had Plans

Okay, so this actually happens quite frequently. He might have known he had plans with his friends, but he liked you so much that he decided to cancel them and make plans with you instead. Except there can be a bump in that road when he suddenly decides to follow through with his plans that he made with his friends. It’s not that he wants to ditch you. It’s just that he feels obligated to follow through on the first set of plans that he made. Unfortunately that means leaving you out in the dust. He knows that he is probably going to risk hurting your feelings, but he will still go ahead and do what he wants anyways. Try not to take this so hard. He might apologize or give you an explanation at some point for it!

They Offered To Pay For Him

He may have declined the plans with his friends previously because he did not have the financial capability of attending whatever event they are attending. Someone may have suddenly offered to support him for the event.  Meaning they would pay for his ticket/entry. He might have already made plans with you, but if he sees an opportunity to go to the thing he originally wanted to he is probably going to take it. Wouldn’t you? It does not mean that he doesn’t like you or that he wants to ditch out on you. It just means he thinks whatever they are doing is also important. It’s important to remember that although you two are an item, he does have a life of his own. This means a life without you. Yeah, we know, it’s not fun to think about that, but it’s true. Let him do his own thing in this situation. You two will find time to be together soon.

my boyfriend cancelled our plans for his friends

They Peer Pressured Him Into It

Or he may have declined all around, but his friends have somehow peer pressured him into it. They may have went out of their way to make him feel bad for not wanting to hang out with them. Sometimes this can pressure us to a point of surrendering. So even if he wants to spend time with you, he doesn’t want to deal with the feeling of disappointing his friends either. It can be a sticky situation and in the end, no one really feels good about it. Not even him. You would be surprised at what peer pressure can do to a person! Sometimes it makes it impossible to say no.

boyfriend ditches me for friends

He Lost Interest In You

This is the saddest reason on the list by far. But don’t jump to conclusions just yet, because it is highly unlikely that this is the reason why he ditched you to hang out with his friends. But you should consider the fact that he might have lost interest in you and decided to part ways. Or he may have found himself annoyed with something you were saying or doing and decided to leave. Were the two of you fighting at all before he took off? That might be exactly why he did in the first place. He could have just needed a break from you. Maybe he felt blowing off steam with the boys was the best course of action in this situation.

It Was An Important Event

He could have realized that whatever his friends were doing was super important. He might not have been aware before about a special get together like a wedding or a party. So he might have wanted to suddenly attend the gathering. Which, in turn, would mean ditching you.


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