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What Does It Mean When A Guy Does A Double Take?


Some things definitely catch us off guard. Especially when a cute guy does them! Like when a guy does a double take as he is walking by you? This can really catch us off our guard and throw us into a tizzy! We will suddenly find ourselves in our own minds wondering what it meant. Was it a positive thing or was it a negative thing? We don’t blame you for questioning it, because it could really go either way. There are times when a guy does a double take of you because of a good thing and there are also times where a guy will do this action because of something negative. We probably just confused you even more, didn’t we? Don’t worry too much! We will explain everything you need to know. All you have to do is keep reading!

What Does It Mean When A Guy Does A Double Take

The Reasons

He Thinks You Are Attractive

The most plausible explanation as to why a guy might be doing a double take of you is because he thinks, to put it bluntly, you are super hot. Guys often do this when they see someone that they find attractive. The question is why? Why would he be doing a double take instead of just continuing to stare at you the first time? You might find this reason enough to believe that he actually does not think you’re cute. That is not true. Guys will often go for the second look, because they do not want to appear creepy with one continuous stare. Especially if he ever wants to talk to you if he sees you again. He does not want you to think of him as the creep that wouldn’t quit eyeing you up and down. We don’t blame him!

He Knows You From Somewhere

There is a good possibility that he might be doing a double take because he has seen you somewhere before. Not every look from a guy means that he likes you. Sorry to say it, but it’s true! He might have met you at school or at a party. Or he may have just seen you around a couple of times. You caught his attention and now he wants to double check to see if he recognizes you. This happens all of the time! It will be a quick look the second time. He is just looking for confirmation of your identity. He probably won’t say anything and will continue moving on. He will actually probably mention it if he ever gets the chance to speak to you again!

He Saw Something Weird

He might have just saw something that caught him off guard. He might have caught someone or something weird! It might not have even been you. Sadly, not every time a guy looks your way does it mean that he is looking at you! There may have been a man behind you tossing his lunch in the bushes. Or someone standing on their head for all you know! He may have even just been glimpsing at something on a television nearby because the news was startling. There is just a good chance that whatever he was looking at wasn’t you. We know, it can be heartbreaking. Especially if this said guy was smokin’ hot.

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You Did Something Strange

Or, he could be looking at you because you did something strange that caught him off balance. We aren’t sure what you were up to, but you should think back to what you were doing at the time of this confusing double take. Were you doing anything weird that might have caught the attention of other people? Were you spilling coffee everywhere? Were you eating food like a maniac? Did you have something in your hair, teeth, etc? You never know. You might have caught his attention for the wrong reasons, but hey at least you caught his attention! Don’t think too hard on this one. We all do weird stuff that catches the wrong type of attention sometimes.

He Wasn’t Actually Looking At You

Or he may have been looking at someone that wasn’t you. Not necessarily for a weird or bad reason. He may have been checking out your friend or getting a good look at one of the other people that were around you. For all you know he could have been looking at a cute puppy he saw nearby! There are many reasons that a guy might do a double take and this is a frequent one as to why he might be doing it. We know, it probably isn’t what you want to hear, but it is very common anyways! We all do double takes every now and then. But not every single time is because we think someone is ugly or attractive. There are tons of reasons as to why we do this gesture. This is the last one we have for you, though!


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