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What Does It Mean When A Guy Double Texts You?


The world of texting has opened up entirely new avenues of communication, ones that often require nuance and deep understanding to navigate. Knowing what a guy means when he texts you can be difficult, especially if he’s an acquaintance that you’re just getting to know, or a potential dating partner you’ve met at a social function, or through mutual friends.

When our guy friends that we’ve known for some time text us, we can usually parse apart what they mean to say, or what they really mean, but aren’t saying. For everyone else, it’s a social minefield. So what does it really mean when a guy shoots you the ol’ double text?

If you’re texting with a guy and he sends a second text before waiting for your response, it can be a little confusing to figure out what it is he wants from you. In the end, it all really depends on the context of the texts. Honestly, it could mean a few things, and trying to figure it out should be a linguistic field all on its own.

1. He just has a lot to say

The easiest thing on the list is that he probably has a lot of thoughts, and he wants to get them all out. Sometimes it’s easier to get all your thoughts out when you’re not bound by the constraint of a single text. If you’re chatting with a guy and he sends you a couple of texts in a row all along the same vein of conversation, it probably doesn’t mean anything serious other than he has more things to say, and he’s engage and enjoying the conversation. Take it as a compliment, and don’t sweat it.

2. He’s obsessive

I think we’ve all had the displeasure of experiencing an unwanted double-texter. If a guy is pestering you with your attention before you can even respond, he’s probably got a little bit of an obsessive streak to him. If you’re not engaging in the conversation and he’s sending you double texts asking “Are you there?” you might want to consider cutting off conversation with this guy.

Someone who can’t read the mood and expects you to be available to answer his messages 24/7 is not the type of guy you want to be engaging with. Block his number and move on, you’ll be better off and less stressed.

3. He’s possessive

Double-texting can indicate that he’s a little bit possessive of your time. If he asks you a question and doesn’t wait more than five minutes for your response, you might have someone who feels entitled to your time and attention on your hands.

It can be nice to feel wanted, or to feel like someone enjoys engaging with you, but guys who are constantly staring at their phones and waiting for you to reply are major red flags. He might even be trying to make sure you’re texting only him, and no one else. If he doesn’t respond well to a chat about boundaries, then he’s definitely not worth the stress.

4. He likes you

As annoying and worrisome as double-texting can be, there’s also a context in which a double-text doesn’t mean anything sinister at all. If a guy double texts you, but isn’t demanding your time and attention, it can just mean he’s eager to keep the conversation going. Maybe he likes you as a friend, or maybe he likes you as a little more than that.

Either way, he enjoys what you have to say and the conversation you’re having, and that’s what’s important. If he sends you a few texts throughout the day, but doesn’t get upset if you don’t respond until you’re ready, you’ve got a real keeper on your hands. He understands your boundaries, and he likes to keep up with your conversations.

Double-texting can mean nothing at all, or it can be a red flag to some unhealthy behavior. Luckily, you’ll probably notice a few more red flags then just the texts. It can also be a good thing. It’s all about the context, baby. If a guy sends more than one text to clarify a point he made, or to add additional information, he’s probably not an obsessive stalker.

Likewise, a guy who double-texts in order to make sure you’re paying attention to only him probably doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Trust your gut! A double-text can be a great thing, especially if you get the feeling that the guy in question likes you, and is enjoying the conversation you’re having. The nature of instant text messages these days can make texting feel much like an IM conversation – so roll with it, and you’ll figure it out eventually!


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