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What Does It Mean When A Guy Dreams About You?


Dream have been said to be the voice of the soul for thousands of years. That being said, dreams are a big deal. They are almost always symbolic and mean something other than what the dreamer actually sees. If you know how to interpret those dreams, then you can learn a lot about someone, their past, their present, and their future.

But what if a guy tells you that he dreamt about you? What does that mean? Is it a sign of a long-lasting relationship, or just a pick-up line to get you in bed? Luckily for us, it’s not something we have to break out the dream interpretations book about. That’s because it’s not really about the interpretation; it’s about the presence. It’s the simple fact that you were there in his subconscious.

I’ve asked a few guys to explain why they tell a girl that they’ve dreamed about her and what they really meant by it. They had some interesting responses. Just remember that these are coming straight from the source so don’t take it lightly. Here they are:

1. He is playing you and hoping that he gets a physical reaction from you about his utter adoration of you and invite him right to your place. This guy is a player and a pain in the butt because he is really only after one thing and is generally relentless about it. Seriously, you can do better than this man. Walk away and make an actual connection with an actual man who values you for more than your body.

2. It was a seemingly pointless dream and he meant nothing by telling you about it except to have a good laugh. He also told you that his cousin, a kid from third grade, and his boss were in it too. The dream involved aliens and time travel on horseback. This means nothing to you except to give you a good chuckle and wonder what exactly he was smoking before bedtime so that you’ll know to avoid it. Well, that or join him.

3. He is saying indirectly that he was thinking of you while masturbating. Ewe. Just ewe. I’m pretty sure we don’t need to elaborate on this one, right? Moving on. Wait, first we have to sing that Green Day song “No one was looking, I was think of you. You and me have such wonderful times when I’m all by myself.” Okay, now I’m done, I swear. Now I’m seriously moving on since I put that image in your head to linger all alone.

4. You are on his mind frequently and it showed in his dreams. When he spends all day thinking about you, you’re bound to be on his mind at night too. This is his way of saying that you’re a presence in his life, however that is applies. That could be as his best friend, his adopted family member, or his soulmate. However it is, you’re important to him and he respects you which means a whole lot coming from any guy as it’s hard to find.

5. He is hinting that he really likes you and just doesn’t know how to come out and say it. If he leans in a little, looks down, and gives you a nervous grin when he tells you about it, then he’s hooked and you can rest assured that he’s into you. He’s also a little bit shy and nervous, so joke with him and help him relax if you’re thinking that you are interested in a relationship with him. A suave smile puts him back at bullet point number one and that leads him straight to nowhere.

When a guy tells you something that could be so huge like that he dreamed about you, it can throw you for loops. Next time it happens though, you should be a little more prepared to determine what exactly he’s trying to tell you. At least you won’t fall for any foolishness or think that he’s playing you when he’s dead serious. It’s never fun to be the only clueless person in a relationship because that always turns out badly.

Just make sure you know how you want the relationship to proceed before you respond or you could end up where you don’t want to be with a world of regret on your shoulders. No one like carrying around regret because it is heavy. Take a second’s pause before responding so that you can assess what you want out of the relationship and then go for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting a one-nighter, or a possible life partner, as long as you’re prepared for that road and want to travel down it, take it. Your life is your to live to live it to its fullest!


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