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What Does It Mean When A Guy Drives By Your House?


When someone goes out of their way to drive by our house, it can have us ultimately scratching our heads. Why would someone take time out of their day to do such a thing? Is it a bad thing? Is it a good thing? What is going on here?! These are all very good questions to have. Because this situation can definitely be a weird one and even leave us with some bad feeling vibes. Which is understandable. Because let’s face it- It seems just a tad bit stalkerish, right? Right. But just because someone drives by your house does not automatically make them a stalker. There are actually a few different reasons as to why someone might do this! Want to know what they are? Just keep on scrolling down and we will go over them with you in no time.

The Reasons

He Is Stalking You

Let us get the big one out of the way first, shall we? There is a possibility that a guy would be driving by your house consistently because he is totally a stalker. This is not a good reason. We know, but the harsh reality of it is that it is a common reason as to why a guy might do this. It is important to look out for other signs that might indicate he is being a creeper towards you. Has he ever been obsessive about you previously? Blowing up your phone constantly when you choose not to talk to him? Showing up at random events and parties because he knows that you will be there? Are there any other signs that a guy might be stalking you? Pay close attention and come to a conclusion on your own. If you do feel like someone is stalking you, make sure you inform the proper authorities. These type of situations never end in any good. Your safety should always come first. If you feel like you are in danger, please do something about it before it is too late!

He Was Seeing If You Were Home

Now, not every single reason as to why a guy drives by your house is a bad one. It can be misconstrued as negative, but sometimes it simply is not. He might want to talk with you or see you and felt like driving by your house was a good way to see if you were home. He could be checking to see if your car is there or if your lights are on. He might have wanted to stop, but for some reason didn’t. Probably because he assumed that you were in fact not at home at the time of his driveby. This is pretty common when someone likes you. He might have feelings for you! How exciting is that? Of course, it is only exciting if the feelings are mutual between the two of you.

He Was Going To Visit But Got Nervous

He might have driven by because he had good intentions of stopping by and trying to hang out with you. This is especially common if the two of you are close friends. Not everyone feels as if they need to make a phone call or text first. However, he might have gotten nervous and decided not to do it. This implies that he does like you as more than a friend. There is also the possibility that something may have come up last second. Meaning that he could not make the time to stop and hang out with you. Even for a minute.

He Takes That Route Often To Get Somewhere

You are definitely going to have to consider this option! He could just take that route to get to work. Or he could take that way to his favorite shopping outlet or place to eat. This often happens when people live in a smaller town. It is less likely to happen often when the two of you are in a pretty large city. However, small towns do not seem to have a lot of roads. So you might just catch him taking that route often. You never know where he could be heading! Maybe just take a shot and ask him! Let him know that you have seen him drive by before. He might tell you that this is his reason for doing so.

He Might Be Seeing If You Are Outside

This is also a common reason in small towns and usually coming from close friends. He may just want to pop by and see if you are outside. This happens often during the summertime. Especially if he knows that you spend a copious amount outside in your yard.

He Is Checking Up On You

Or he might have heard you aren’t feeling the best or that something bad had happened to you. He might be driving by because he is worried about you! Most likely he will come up to your door if this is the reason, but it doesn’t always happen that way!


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