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What Does It Mean When A Guy Drunk Texts You?


When guys get out and get to drinking, it seems like every rule they normally stick to just flies right out the window. The guys who are normally shy, end up being outgoing and throwing their thoughts around for anyone and everyone to hear. Even worse, their guarded thoughts and desires are suddenly not so guarded and secret.

When a guy gets drunk and suddenly decides that it’s the perfect time to shoot you a text about his emotions, it can leave you feeling pretty confused. What could those drunk texts mean? Why would he wait until he’s drunk to text you? Does it mean that he’s only after one thing?

Since we don’t have a Manipedia to explain men and their hidden meanings to us, I asked a few guys about their reasons behind their actions. They came up with quite a few explanations for the behavior that were pretty interesting. It turns out that he may not only have a single thought on his mind after all. Here they are:

1. He is too shy to talk to you without a little liquid encouragement

This guy is normally the friendly type who rarely speaks to you but seems to be around frequently. He may even be across the room most of the time, but looking your way. The fact of the matter is that guys are just as afraid of rejection as girls are. If you are interested, be sure to text him that you would like it if he called or texted you sometime that way he’ll feel a little more confident when he’s sober.

2. He’s been there and done that and is looking for a little late-night action

A booze call is a booty call 75% of the time. This is the guy that you’ve been with before and perhaps had a relationship with that just wouldn’t ever work out. There are normally still just enough lingering feelings there to make for a good one-nighter every once in awhile.

3. He is simply showing off in front of his friends by proving that he has a hot girl in his contacts

Let’s hope you didn’t take any questionable pictures when you were with this guy because, if you did, he’s likely showing them to his friends as he texts you. This guy does not respect you at all and you’ll generally know it because he will be very forward and seeking confirmation of your past to show off. He’ll text things like “Remember the last time I was over there?” just to get you to prove that he was there to his friends.

4. He wasn’t someone to talk to so that he doesn’t feel alone when he’s drunk

Everyone wants to feel like they have someone who will be there for him. You’ll know this is the case if he doesn’t text anything sexual or romantic and just wants to talk about random life happenings with you. If you have the time, lend him your ear and your friendship will be even closer.

5. He doesn’t even know what he’s doing

He has no idea what he’s doing because he can’t handle his liquor and is just going through his phone texting random people. This is typically the “what’s up?????” text and it reveals nothing and literally means nothing. I wouldn’t even bother responding to this guy because you normally haven’t even talked to him in months or in any kind of meaningful conversation.

When you have been lying in bed snoozing away only to be awoken by some weird text message from a drunk guy, it can make your life a little bit confusing. The next time you see him, what are supposed to say? How are you supposed to act? Should you mention the texts? Should you gripe about the implications of the message? Should you just come out and ask him about it?

Chances are, he will remember texting you but maybe not all of the details. Of course, if he had a really rough night, then he may not remember it at all. If you are interested in him, be sure to text him and let him know that he can call you sometime. If you don’t think he’ll even know to look back at the messages, then shoot him a quick text in the morning asking how he’s feeling and he’ll see the old messages.

If you don’t appreciate the attention or his intentions, then just don’t respond. He’ll be pretty embarrassed when he finally finds the message he sent you. Just make sure that you understand your feelings about the situation before you get too crazy and get into something you’ll regret. Once you’ve figured out what you want, then go for it! Life is short and you deserve to be happy, even if it’s only temporarily.

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