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What Does It Mean When A Guy Eats Off Your Plate?


Men do a lot of weird stuff that we don’t always understand. Like shaving twice a day or scratching their junk out in public for everyone to see! There are a lot of strange things they do that might leave us just wondering what the hay is going on with them. Like when they eat something off of a plate that was solely supposed to be yours. Why would a guy do that? What would make him want to stick his fingers in your food? We know that this type of behavior might have caught you off guard. So we totally do not blame you for wanting answers as to why he is partaking in this behavior in the first place! Don’t worry girl, we got you! Men do a lot of crazy things. But that is exactly what we are here for. To help you figure out the ‘why’ of it all! Is he doing it to spite you? Is he doing it because he likes you? Well, scroll a little farther down to find out!

if a guy eats your food

The Reasons

He Feels Comfortable With You

Yes, there is a large possibility that he might be digging into your food because he actually likes you as more than just a friend. This might be his way of breaking down that awkward friend zone barrier that you were in before. He also might want to see what boundaries are in place and which ones simply are not. Couples often share food with each other. Most of them do not have a problem sharing plates of food with one another. We say most because not everyone feels that way. Some people, no matter how close they are to you, will not be okay with sharing food. It might just be a pet peeve that can’t be conquered. However, if he is trying to eat off your plate it means that he is not that type of person. When a guy eats of your plate, especially on a date, he might be just trying to get comfortable with you. He is also hoping that this will make you more comfortable with him. Usually if this is the reason, he will also offer you something off of his plate in return.

He Doesn’t Have Any Money

Did he order food himself? Does he also have a plate? If not, he might actually just not have the finances to support a dinner tonight. This is more common than we like to think. You eating in front of him might have driven him insane. He might not be able to help himself! Of course, this can be annoying, but we are sure that if this is the reason that he does not mean any harm by it. He is just simply hungry. It is up to you if you feel comfortable sharing your food with him or not at this point.

He Is Just ‘That Guy’

Some people just like to eat off of other people’s plates. Whether they like you as more than a friend or as just a friend. He might just be ‘that guy’. Meaning he is that guy who is always stealing a french fry or asking for a bite of your sandwich. This can irk some people, but others might be okay with it. He might have no sense of boundaries all around and think that nobody has an issue with him doing this type of thing. There are just people like that out there.

boyfriend eats off my plate

He Might Be Used To It

Or he might have been in a previous relationship where he and his significant other bonded over sharing food. So he might think that by eating off your plate, you are bonding with him. He could feel as if it would bring the two of you closer together. Some people are just used to doing this type of thing. He could also have been in a family where they always shared food off of each other’s plates. This is actually fairly common practice with couples and families!

He Might Want To Exchange Food

He could be unhappy with his plate and has been eyeing yours up! He might want to share plates with you, because he did not like what he ordered. This is pretty common and totally understandable. Look at it this way: At least you have good taste!

What To Do

What should you do if a guy is eating off of your plate? Well, that entirely depends on how you found yourself feeling about him doing it. Did you like it? Then let it happen! Nothing wrong with sharing food. As long as you are okay with it, that is. It might even bring you closer together. Did you hate it? There’s nothing wrong with that either. We all have our personal preferences for things. Including our plates. Let him know that you are not the type of person who likes to share your food. He should not be too bothered by this. And if he is, well, that’s okay, because obviously he needs to learn to be okay with boundaries that you set.


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