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What Does It Mean When A Guy Follows You Around?


Getting followed by someone isn’t something that tends to happen to us everyday. But when it does, we might find ourselves confused as to what the heck it means! Sometimes when you are being followed it can give you a weird feeling. We don’t blame you! Being followed can go one of two ways: Good or bad. Sometimes a guy following you around is a good thing. It can be cute, flattering even, but other times it can be scary and… Well, just all around weird. So now you are probably just wondering, ‘Come on, is it a good or bad thing? Just tell me!’ Patience is a virtue my dear! We are getting to that part. We know why a guy might be following you around. We actually know several reasons why he might be doing this to you! Keep reading and figure out what those reason are A.S.A.P!

The Reasons:

He Likes You As More Than A Friend

what if a guy follows you

The word crush comes to mind in this situation. He might be crushing on you super hard and now has taken to following you around. We like to call this ‘puppy love’. He is so smitten with you that he wants to be around you whenever he can. He wants to get close to you! This can be weird, but as long as he isn’t showing any aggressive or weird behavior then it can be harmless. Make sure there is no aggressive or weird behavior before checking this off as the reason why a guy follows you around. We want you to be safe, not sorry, because you didn’t think through what was a good gesture or a bad one. Is he leaving you cute notes? Does he try to include  himself in conversation with you or your friends? These are pretty harmless behaviors. He really just wants to find a way to connect with you. However, if he is just staring and not saying anything or leaving creepy notes/perverted messages… That is a whole different story. We will get to that later in the list, don’t worry!

It’s Coincidental And Not Anything At All

We know this might sound weird, but he actually may not be following you at all. You might have been just catching glimpses of him at the wrong time! This happens often when two people share a small space. Like offices or schools! He may actually not even realize that you two are always in the same place. He might take the same route as you to the lunchroom or the bathroom. Or he might have the same breaks as you. Unless you have solid proof that he is actually following you around, make sure you take this reason into consideration! It could be just a big coincidence.

he follows me around like a puppy

He Wants To Say Something

There is a good chance that he is following you around like a lost dog because he wants to tell you something. He may even want to ask you something important. He could have his sights set on asking you on a date, to a dance or he might just want to ask if you will partner with him on a project. However, he might have let his nerves get the best of him. He might not have the confidence to approach you just yet! You can’t blame him, right? Most guys get intimidated by pretty girls that they like. Yes, this reason would mean that he does have some sort of crush on you. He just doesn’t have the self esteem to reveal it just yet. Give him time. Surely he will come around eventually.

He Might Be Stalking You

Okay, so we mentioned in reason number one that we would be talking about this! So here it goes… Yes, there are times when a guy follows you around that he is stalking you. This can be dangerous. So, if you feel like someone is stalking you please tell the authorities, your parents or someone that would be able to help you figure out how to put an end to it. This means he would be following you everywhere. Even outside of school or your workplace. He will not say anything to you most of the time. He might leave creepy notes/messages/texts. Or they could even be fully perverted. You do not want to let someone stalk you for too long. Things can definitely get out of hand and you could put yourself in danger. Does he know things about you that others don’t? Does he inquire about things that aren’t his business? Does he get mad when you reject him? These are all signs that he has an unhealthy obsession with you.


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