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What Does It Mean When A Guy Friend Blows You A Kiss?


Guys can be very complicated creatures. It’s their supposed simplicity that makes their complicated nature so frustrating. Men love to talk about how they are so simple and how women are so incredibly complicated, but the opposite tends to be true. When a guy friend of yours does some odd, romantic gesture, it can leave you wondering if something has changed or if you’re misreading the signs. And what are the signs anyway?

So what do those suddenly more-than-friendly gestures actually mean? The answer to that is totally up in the air and could be one of several options. In order to try and figure out what the hell they are trying to pull, or whether they’re even attempting to pull anything, I’ve tried my tried and true method of getting answers; field research. Lots and lots of research.

The best method for finding out exactly what is on their minds is to ask. No, I didn’t wait for ten years to find enough guys blowing kisses and ask them what they were thinking. I simply called every guy I knew and ask them what it would mean to them to blow a kiss at a girl. Their answers were all over the map. In order to have that information in your head for future reference, here they are for your reading pleasure.

1. He is saying that you’re his best girl friend and he loves you dearly. This is a strictly platonic friend and generally one that you know very well. If you’ve been hanging out for years, an over the top gesture such as this really means nothing new. He’s just showing you that you’re near and dear to his heart and he wants to keep you around for a while.

2. Your social circle is blowing kisses to each other right now and he is just doing like everyone else. This one should be common sense because you’ll notice that he’s blowing kisses to everyone and not just you.

3. It could be something he saw and thinks looks cool so now he’s doing it to make himself seem more attractive. If this is the case, he’ll soon move on to some other visual calling card. Don’t worry about this guy because he’s just trying too hard to be a player.

4. It could be a cultural difference in communication. Perhaps his culture sees blowing kisses as something different, or more common than Americans do. Each culture has its own characteristics and common actions so it’s important to take into account his upbringing when you’re trying to decipher his motives.

5. He is gay and is blowing you kisses in his way of saying “bye doll! Love you!” You’ve probably already gotten all of this on your own by now, but if you’re unsure, just do it back and see how he reacts. This guy is most likely your best friend, so don’t make something out of nothing.

6. He is naturally flirtatious and bubbly and likes to be playful with everyone. If he’s blowing kisses and winking at every girl that looks his way, then he’s not meaning anything by it. He just has a whole lot of personality and it’s leaking out in different areas.

7. He is flirting with you in his own way which is normally in the form of an inside joke. If you’ve recently told him that you think people blowing each other kisses is ridiculously corny, then he’s using it to flirt with you without a whole lot of prompt and circumstance.

The next time you find yourself trying to decipher what his motives are when he does something crazy like throwing an air kiss your direction, you should have a little more of an idea what about to think of their actions. It could be anything from a simple friendly gesture, to a serious flirtation that is screaming his interest at you. The real question is how you feel.

If you’re getting butterflies about the possibility of him flirting, then you need to evaluate that feeling and discover what to do about it. If his blowing kisses makes you feel sick to your stomach, follow your instincts girl! They are there for a reason and they are almost always right. In fact, they are always right to some degree.

If you’re feeling like you’re interested in him, then smile and wink at him the next time he looks your way. Let him know you’re interested because men really suck at reading minds and body language. Your signals will largely go unnoticed and uninterpreted unless you get drastic. If all else fails, just tell him exactly how you feel and give him a clue. Be sure that you know exactly what you’re expecting from the relationship so that you don’t get caught off guard or burned.


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