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What Does It Mean When A Guy Gets Hard?


Guys obviously have a different anatomy than girls. What is not so obvious is the reasons that they react the way they do to stimuli. If you are talking to a guy and you notice a little something going on below his belt, it can make you pretty uncomfortable. Besides being morbidly embarrassed, have you ever stopped to think about what is actually going on.

What exactly does it mean when a penis gets hard? Before we crash right into the what, let’s look at the why. Common knowledge tells us that the penis is a muscle and that it flexes when a guy gets turned on, but that’s actually incorrect.

Yup, erase all of that fake knowledge right now and let’s look at this together. No, not like that, I meant look at the causes together. Dang, that wasn’t any better, was it?

Anyway, a boner actually starts in the brain. When a guy experiences physical or mental stimulation, it causes the brain to tell the nerves in his junk to chill out which makes them relax. Relax sound like the opposite of an erection, right? It’s actually not. The relaxing takes place inside the penile blood vessels which allows blood to flow freely into the penis.

So, the penis is not a flexing muscle, it’s actually just a sponge-like organ that fills with blood causing it to expand and swell which cuts off the blood’s escape. Now the expression that all of the blood is rushing to his junk makes sense, doesn’t it?

When the stimulus is gone, the erection goes away by all of the blood leaving after the nerves have shut down the entrance vessels again. So, why does he get boners in the first place? It can’t all be about stimulus, can it? Here are a few reasons that can cause an erection:

1. Mental sexual arousal

When a guy thinks about sex, his body responds. He could be thinking about Scarlett Johansson in the middle of chemistry class or something, and he will get a boner. He could also be thinking about his crush, or a scene he saw in a movie. Anything that turns him on can produce a hard-on.

2. Physical sexual arousal

When a girl touches a guy in a sexual manner, or sometimes in any way, his body responds. Even something as simple as touching a teenager’s arm can cause his body to react. It is important that you don’t tease him if you aren’t interested because, if it were you standing in a cafeteria with a hard-on, you wouldn’t like it at all. That being said, you can’t put a box around yourself and touch no one. Live life, just don’t purposefully tease him.

3. Puberty sucks for guys

Sometimes, it happens with no warning, and not stimulus. It is practically the body’s way of seeing how well it works. Getting called to the front of the room with a boner is a guy’s worst nightmare.

4. Morning wood is an actual thing

Guys get hard when they wake up. It’s like the body is rushing the blood around making sure everything knows it’s morning.

5. Excitement of any kind

When he sees his favorite kind of muscle car and it’s cherry red, he may end up pitching a tent. It can also happen if he’s excited to start dating you, or excited about a new class.

6. He likes you and has no control over the fact that he got hard

It’s a way of his body saying that he is attracted to you. This doesn’t have to be sexual, just intimate. This is one of the reasons that guys like jeans so much. They don’t show his erections like other pants do.

7. He wants to have sex

If a guy tells you he is hard, it’s because he is wanting you to admit that you want it to. He’s taking a chance to see what happens. Saying it out loud means that he is 100% horny and hoping he’ll get lucky.

8. It’s just the blood flow

If he is sleeping, it’s common for erections to happen several times a night. It doesn’t mean he’s having sex dreams, just that the blood is flowing there temporarily. It could be because he is relaxed.

So, now that you understand what is going on below his belt, it is up to you to determine what that means to you. If you don’t want him, then know to walk away. If you do, leaning into him generally does the trick.

Just know when to say “stop” and “no.” If you want him, but aren’t ready yet, then just tell him so. If he isn’t willing to wait for you to be ready, then he’s not someone you want to be with.

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