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What Does It Mean When A Guy Gives You His Number?


Since most dating nowadays takes place on the internet or apps, it seems like the good old-fashioned way of getting those dates has gotten a lot more complicated. It’s not that the actual techniques have changed, just that no one knows how to react to them anymore because it rarely happens and completely throws them for a loop when it does.

We went from a society where men ask for numbers, compliments and talk to actual women to their faces, and flirt and buy drinks for them to a society where men only swipe right or left based on looks and bodies with no regard for a girl’s personality. Since the dating tradition has been completely ruined by the constant search for casual sex, simple gestures are no longer commonplace and can confuse women.

One of those gestures that used to be so appealing and is now lost on women is a guy giving his number to a woman. In the olden days, a guy handing his number to a woman was considered a sweet gesture because he was leaving the possibility of a relationship in her hands and making himself vulnerable which is rare for a guy. But now, the gesture is ruined by the rest of the so-called dating scene and it leaves women wondering what it means.

In order to figure out what the latest generation means by giving out their number to a girl, I’ve gone out and asked them. I randomly polled some guys to figure out what they would mean if they gave their number to a girl and got some fairly interesting answers. So that you better understand the gesture the next time you come across it, have a look at this list of their responses.

1. He is weeding out the women who really aren’t interested by not having to waste time calling them. He is probably tired of making phone calls and putting forth effort to create something where there is nothing only to figure out it was all worthless. Who can really blame him? We all hate repeating fruitless efforts.

2. He didn’t have the balls to ask you for yours and put himself out there. He is a little shy and just couldn’t force himself to possibly get rejected. Don’t count him out just yet though, sometimes the bashful ones are the best in the long run.

3. He has just met you and found you interesting but doesn’t know if you have a boyfriend or not. He is not assuming anything about you, just that he is be interested in a follow-up conversation. He is giving you control of telling you your status by acting on his gesture or not.

4. He is giving you the option to continue the relationship instead of expecting to be able to control it. Guys tend to see this move as gutless and pathetic, but to women it can be very endearing. He is allowing you total control of the situation which will let you set the pace for your relationship as well.

5. He is trying to keep from putting you on the spot and embarrassing you. If you’re hanging out with a group of friends and he just slips you his number, it allows him to fly under the radar a little. How would he know if you’re dating one of those people you’re with? He wouldn’t, hence the number. It keeps him from stepping out-of-place and being rude to anyone.

6. He thought you were totally awesome and wants to hang out with you for the next get together. He normally announces his intention by saying something like “you’re so fun! You should bring your friends to this BBQ I’m having. It’ll be a blast!”

7. He’s a jerk and is wanting you to come to him for a power play. He thinks you weren’t worth the effort of calling but if you call him you’ll be easy-pickings and worth a few hours of his precious time. Throw that number away ladies; he’s not worth your time.

The next time a guy slips you a napkin with his number on it, be flattered because you’re obviously rocking the night and then decide what you want to do about it. If you’re interested, and he seems worth a few minutes of your time to see if there’s anything there, then give him a call.

You can always hang up if he turns out to be a real jerk. If you’re not interested in him at all, just don’t call him. It’s pretty simple and basic. You have no obligation at all to follow-up with him so don’t think you do. It’s really all about what you like, whether you appreciated his gesture, and what you want from him or if you even want anything at all.



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