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What Does It Mean When a Guy Hides His Face From You?


There are a number of reasons why a guy might hide your face from you. Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer. The field of body language is quite complex. Some people have a tendency to assign universal, set meanings for body language that are just not true. For example, there are some body language signs like leaning into a conversation that are evolutionary. When you trust that someone will not hurt you and is not a threat, you lean in. Other body language signs like nodding “yes” are actually not universal. We think that they are because people in our culture do that, but it is not actually true for every culture in the world. Because of this, it is important to consider the context, the person’s normal behavior and the potential reasons for the body language before you try to interpret it.

When a guy hides his face from you, it can mean a number of different things. If you are close friends and get along well, you can just ask him about it. This is especially true if you are in a relationship. There is no harm in asking, and then you will find out the exact reason right away. If you do not feel comfortable asking, then read through the other possible reasons why he might hide his face.

He Is Hiding Something or Feels Uncomfortable

When you are in a potentially dangerous or uncomfortable situation, your limbic system activates. Your body has a freeze, flight or fight response that helps you handle problems. Initially, you freeze. If the danger—like a tiger—is far enough away, a lack of movement keeps it from noticing you. Then, your body switches into fight or flight mode depending on the situation. Your body decides to either flee the danger or fight it face on.

When the freeze-flight-fight response activates, it causes changes in your body. The blood leaves your digestive system and external limbs (like your fingers or face) so that all of the blood is ready for running or fighting. When this happens, the blood actually rushes away from your face and the external surface of your skin. This causes people to touch their face a lot when they are under stress for some reason. When someone is lying, for example, they are more likely to touch their face because all of the blood just disappeared from it. They also do self-soothing things (like rubbing their legs) or feel suddenly cold from the changes in their body.

This is not to say that your boyfriend is being deceptive. Touching his face or hiding his face might be due to anything that causes him stress or discomfort. If he does not like talking about his mother, the same system might activate. He is not lying about her, but he does feel uncomfortable about the conversation.

At the same time, if he does this when you asked about something like cheating, it is a sign that you may want to ask more questions. It does not always mean deception, but it can be one way of interpreting it.

It Could be Just a Habit

You also have to consider the ways that he normally acts. In some cultures—like Japan, for instance–, women often hide their teeth when they are laughing. If he is from a certain culture, he might hide his face because it is a cultural trait. It could also be a personal trait.

He Might Be Shy

Remember how we mentioned that hiding your face often happens when you are uncomfortable or stressed? These feelings are often experienced when someone is exceptionally shy. He might be shy in general and be trying to literally hide from you. It is also possible that you are the only person he is shy around. If he has a crush on you, he might suddenly be unable to speak and feel uncomfortable.

Look at the Context

The easiest way to figure out what it means when a guy hides his face from you is to look at the context. If he is generally shy, he is probably just being shy. If you just asked him where he was last night, it could be a sign of deception or discomfort.

You also have to look at the rest of his body language. For example, if his eyes are done, he covers his face, he slumps, darts his eyes and hides, he might be expressing feelings like shame, regret or embarrassment.

Ultimately, you are the best person to determine what it means when a particular guy hides his face. Take a look at the times when he hides his face and what is going on. Look at the rest of his body language and what he is saying at the same time. Listen to your instinct, and you will be able to determine what it means.


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