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What Does It Mean When A Guy Is Mean To You?


When a guy is a jerk, it is hard to understand why. Does he like you like a kindergartener, is he just being stupid, or does he hate you for some reason you don’t know? Since guys are already entirely too confusing, having them pull shit like this really does not help. In order to figure out exactly why the hell they can be so idiotic, I’ve asked a few guys why they might be mean to a girl.

Interestingly enough, they were not as quick to dismiss the behavior as most women which is probably why so many women end up being abused later in life. When a guy is a jerk, it is NOT an invitation to change or fix him. You will not be the hero, or the amazing reason that he tells people he turned his life around. You’ll just be another notch in his belt; someone that he tricked into putting up with him for little while. As Steve Harvey once said “a man only changes for one woman. If he’s not changing for you, you’re not that woman.”

1. He doesn’t like you. In fact, he thinks you are an idiot, annoying, and beneath him. You normally can tell if this is the case because he will give you a look like you’re the dumbest creature on Earth after everything you say. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this guy because he has absolutely no respect for you. He is an arrogant meanie and sees you as someone not deserving of any respect.

2. He is manipulative and is trying to get under your skin. When he does, he’ll suddenly be nice which surprises you into thinking he has more depth than you realized, and then he makes his move. Any guy who tried to draw you in through manipulation is always going to resort back to it when things get rocky. Translation, stay away because his whole life will be full of mind games.

3. He is stressed out and did not realize he was being a gigantic jerk. Guys have a tendency to snap at whoever talks to them first when they are freaking out about something. If it’s only happened once, and he is visibly upset about his behavior, then something just had him worried, or upset and he took it out on you. If he does this regularly, then walk away before you become his permanent scapegoat.

4. He doesn’t like your clinginess and is trying to push you away. If you have started dating, or are around each other frequently, he might not be liking your closeness. No one likes a clingy significant other, so just take a step back and let him handle his own business for a while. Space will allow you to think about what kind of relationship you want with him or if you even want one at all. If he’s needing his space from you, then he might not be the guy for you either.

5. Negative attention is better than no attention to all toddlers and most immature men who want your attention. If you’re looking at him, and talking to him, he doesn’t care if you’re yelling or complimenting him; you’re still looking his direction. This is why kids act out to get their parent’s, or teacher’s, attention. If he’s pulling preschool moves, then you definitely don’t want to spend your time with him because he won’t ever grow up unless he forced to. And you won’t be the one to change that so don’t think you can fix him.

6. He has a crush on you and doesn’t know how to handle it. He is emotionally immature and has no clue how to deal with his emotion. Again, preschool. If that boy was pulling your hair back then, it meant that he liked you. That was a long time ago so don’t revert back to that style of communication. You’ve already moved past that. If he hasn’t you don’t want to wait around and hold your breath because you will die before the gets any more mature.

The next time you’re around a guy who is acting like a jerk, the moral of the story here is to walk away. No one needs that in their lives. Besides, if you start a relationship that way, then you’ll never be able to get out of that cycle and he’ll end up being your overweight, beer-drinking, abusive ex-husband later in life. Trust me ladies, you will regret that decision for years so just walk away while you still can easily. Once you’ve invested time, it’s hard to walk away and swallow your pride. Especially if everyone you know is telling you that he’s not the right guy. Listen to them now, or eat crow later.


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