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What Does It Mean When A Guy Is Testing You?


Sometimes, guys do really, really stupid crap. They’re not always malicious when they do it, but they end up doing it anyway. When a guy is testing you, it rarely means anything good. A relationship should be about communication and trust. If a guy is testing you, it means that he’s trying to trip you up, or catch you doing something that would upset him – rather than discussing the boundaries of your relationship with you.

Maybe he’s testing you to see how much you care about him by requesting impossible tasks. He might also be testing you to see if you would ever cheat on him. These tests are all about dishonesty on the part of the tester. Usually, guys try to make sure that they’re not caught when they’re testing you. But on the offhand that you realize your man is acting strange or giving you have truths, you’re probably being tested. Why he’s doing it can depend on a lot of different things.

is he testing me by pulling away

1. He’s insecure

A guy who tests you while you’re in a relationship together probably doesn’t have the best self-esteem. He may think that he’s not good enough for you, and thus will convince himself that you’re going to cheat on him, or do something else that will hurt him. It’s usually not his fault that he has such low self-esteem, but if it causes him to test you and play games in your relationship, that’s still a bad sign.

If he’s testing you, it probably means that he’s more insecure than he let on when you first got together. He needs to work on himself so that he’s not tempting to play games in his relationships anymore. You can be supportive of him while still setting boundaries against the type of testing and games that he’s been playing with you. A relationship requires communication and honesty to work, so don’t let him test you without consequences!

2. He doesn’t trust you

While it may suck to think that your significant other doesn’t have faith or trust in you, this may be the reason that he tests you. His self-esteem may be fine, but he may have a long string of failed relationships – or maybe, he just has trust issues. His trust issues can stem from paranoia or from being hurt in the past. Whatever the reason, he doesn’t have the kind of trust in you that a relationship needs to work.

It isn’t fair that he doesn’t trust you when you’ve never done something untrustworthy. When he tests you, he’s deliberately trying to catch you doing something wrong, even if you’ve never shown any signs that you would hurt him in the first place. His trust issues mean that there’s going to be upset in the relationship, and that it’s something he needs to work on before you two go any further.

3. He’s a jerk

No one really wants to consider that the person they’re with is just a mean spirited person. THe thing about mean people is that the can be really charming when they want to be. So as much as it hurts to consider this, it might be a viable option as to why he’s testing you. Sometimes, guys do things that are cruel and unneeded just because they can. Testing your girlfriend is one of those things.

He might not have any underlying reason other than he thinks it’s fun to watch you try and figure out your own relationship. If you discover that your partner is testing you and he doesn’t seem to have any reason as to why, it’s definitely best to just cut and run. You don’t need those kind of men in your life, and they’re only going to keep testing you and keep making your relationship into some kind of game.

Final thoughts

Finding out that a guy you’re dating is testing you can be really frustrating. You may have been thinking that things were going find, only to find out that your significant other has been trying to set you up to fail. Whether he was doing it our of malice, or he was just that insecure in the relationship, doesn’t matter. You deserve to have a relationship where your significant other isn’t playing games or trying to test you.

Relationships are all about communication and honesty. When he stops being honest and starts playing games, that’s a sign that something has to change. Sometimes, that changes means the end of the relationship. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t deserve to have mind games played on you! Guys don’t need to test you to make sure that your relationship is strong – all they have to do is communicate! Remember that when he tries to justify why he’s testing you.


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