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What Does It Mean When A Guy Is Whipped?


We’ve all heard both sexes talking about guys being “whipped,” but what exactly does that mean? Is he hurt? Is something wrong with your relationship? Does he have stronger feelings for you? Is it time to walk away from him? There are loads of questions that come with hearing a guy say that he is whipped, or hearing about it from someone else.

When things get serious between two people, there’s a pretty good chance one of them will want to run. So, how do you know whether it’s time to consider that or if he’s wanting to? If someone tells you that your guy is totally whipped, then there are a few things to consider when looking for what that means to you. Are you already dating or is he just a friend? Has he been acting differently? Does he always try to please you? Has he been hinting about white dresses?

In order to get the best answers possible, I’ve asked some people to explain what whipped meant to them. I spoke to equal numbers of girls and guys to hear what each gender had to say and, it turns out, they all had the same answers. There are four core reasons why someone might say that a guy is whipped. Here they are:

1. He will drop everything for some one-on-one time with you

This guy could just be the occasional hook-up that got hooked. He will leave all of his friends waiting somewhere for him while he is at your place because he is what people call pussy-whipped which means that he got a taste of being with you and didn’t want to stop. He always wants to be in bed with you and will do whatever he can to get there. If you have this power over guys then you are doing something right in the bedroom.

2. He would do anything to be with you or for you

He is practically following you around like a lovesick puppy dog because he has a major crush on you and just can’t seem to let it go. This guy is probably a friend that you thought would remain a friend, but he had bigger dreams. He is the type of guy that slowly fell for you and is in way too deep to get out now. He is the surprise love letter in your locker, or the flowers delivered at home kind of guy. He is always there for you no matter what and lets you know that.

3. He can’t seem to say no to you at all

If you are already dating and he does anything and everything to give you what you want, then he’s whipped. Like the Tim McGraw song “just to see you smile,” he will do anything to see a smile on your face because it makes his heart skip a beat. He is falling so be prepared for the big “l” word to start getting flung around soon. Try not to panic too hard because people fall in and out of love frequently and he may fall out all on his own.

4. He seems himself being in the relationship for the long haul

He is not falling, he has already fallen. This guy is not only already with you, but he is hearing wedding bells in his head and thinking long-time thoughts about the two of you. He is head-over-heels in love and doesn’t plan on going anywhere without you beside him. He is completely in love and is not afraid to tell anyone about it. His family will know everything there is to know about you before you even meet them and, if you have not already, you will be doing so soon.

The best way to know if he’s whipped is to pay attention to him and his friends. His friends are the first to know he’s in too deep and will mercilessly tease him and try to talk him out. If you notice his friend cutting their eyes at you when they don’t think you’ll see, or always teasing him just out of earshot when you’re around, then he’s already whipped.

The real question is what are you going to do about it? Are you equally whipped, or are you not feeling too serious about the relationship? If you don’t see it going anywhere, this would be a good time to talk him down and let him know that you only have short-term plans and don’t plan to get married or get serious for a long time. If you are feeling the love, then just keep letting the relationship work itself out. You don’t have to tell him about how you feel just yet. Just let him see it when you look at him honestly.


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