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What Does It Mean When A Guy Jokes Around With You?


Guys can be very confusing. It is always hard to tell if they are crushing on you, or if they are just being friendly. When a guy suddenly turns his attention on you in a conversation, it makes you stop and wonder if they like you or not. Some girls need to know immediately or they feel awkward, the lucky ones can go on about their day and just notice if it happens more than once.

For the rest of the female population though, they need some signs to read ASAP. Here is exactly what to look for if you’re trying to search for clues about his feelings and why he’s joking around with you. And since this information came straight from guys themselves, you can totally trust it to be correct.

1. He likes you but has no idea what to do about it

He may be a little socially awkward and noticed that a joke got you to talk to him, so he is trying it again. When a guy likes you, hearing you laugh at him is one of the best sounds in the world and he will try to keep hearing it. This guy will normally do whatever it takes to make you laugh as often as possible. Every time you see him, he will have something funny prepared for you and he will normally say it, and walk away while smiling and listening to you laugh. But don’t worry, he will make sure to bump into you again soon.

2. He is enjoying the attention and is not sure how to get it otherwise

When he joked around, you looked at him and that was all she wrote. He is desperately trying to get you to continue looking at him and feel more comfortable doing so because he is crushing on you. This also helps him warm up to having your attention on him because the spotlight made him nervous. This helps him to get a grip on himself so that he does not stutter out a bunch of one-syllable sounds when you ask him a question. You will know this is the case because he will easily deliver the joke, but if you ask a follow-up question, he will panic and say something odd.

3. He is flirting hard, touching your arms randomly, and doing everything he can to let you know that he likes you

He is not being shy, he is just trying to figure out if there is a possibility there once you realize that he likes you. If you reciprocate any of it, he will probably ask you out. If you don’t, honestly, he may ask you out anyway. If you are seeing the signs and are not interested, let him know before he walks out on that limb.

4. He is a jokester and jokes around with everyone

If you look around, he is not treating you any differently than he is treating the rest of his friends. That means you are in his social circle, but he’s not into you. That does not mean it could not change, but right now he just sees you as one of his friends that happens to be a girl. Enjoy the comfort of your relationship because it is hard to find and relationships that come from friendship first are typically the strongest.

5. He is practicing his technique on a total stranger

If you have no idea who the guy is, or have never talked to him before, he could just be using you for practice. Laugh and be easygoing. If he comes back around later that day, or the next, and tries it again, your laugh may have been playing in his mind and he might have taken a slight interest.

Regardless of his motivations behind the actions, it is really how you feel about it that is important. If you have absolutely zero feelings for the guy, then let your actions speak for themselves. Try not to make eye contact with him every time he walks into a room because he will be looking at you. Ignore him a few times on purpose and he will start to see that you are not interested in a relationship.

If you are into him and wanting something more, then laugh at all of his jokes and gently touch his arm while doing so. Any form of body contact ensures that your message gets across clearly. And even if he wasn’t that interested before, he will be now. Make sure that you know that’s a road you want to travel down before you actually do because it’s not fair to either of you to draw him in only to kick him back out. Trust me, no one likes having a guy following behind them begging for another chance.


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