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What Does It Mean When A Guy Kisses You On The Forehead?


Meeting a new man can be exciting and wonderful, but it can also be extremely confusing and nerve-wracking. It is so new that you are going to be trying to figure him out every step of the way. You will definitely find yourself wondering, ‘Does he like me or are we just friends?’ Unfortunately, there’s only a few things,  besides him straight out telling you, that will giveaway what’s really going on between you two. And one of those ways is whether or not he is kissing you on that forehead of yours.

You ended up here because this new man of yours has gone ahead and given you the gentle forehead kiss without providing any context as to why. Now you need to know just what it means.

There are a few different reasons that forehead kisses are given, but they are all good ones! Great news, right?


What Does a Kiss On The Forehead Mean

Reason #1.) You are upset about something.

Whether you guys are just friends or leaning toward something a little more, he may give you a forehead kiss just because you are upset. His paternal instincts will kick in when he sees that you are hurt, sees you crying or just sees that you are super worked up over something negative. Forehead kisses are a great way to calm someone down. If the two of you are close enough, even as friends, he might lean in for the smooch to try and make you feel better.

Reason #2.) He finds himself wanting to protect you.

When you are deciding just what his kiss meant, try to think hard about the situation you were in when the kiss was given to you. If you were in a stressful or dangerous situation and he gave you the peck on the forehead, then it may have been because he has an urge to protect you. Him kissing you was his way of telling you that he is not going to let anything bad happen to you while he is there. It’s really quite sweet. If he does it under these circumstances, it’s more than likely that he has deeper feelings for you than just friends.

Reason #3.) He’s just tall and lazy.

Taller guys have a slight tendency to dawn the forehead kisses on the regular. This may be because they are too lazy to reach down to kiss your cheek or lips. If they are super tall, it might just be uncomfortable to go down any farther. But, don’t worry! Just because he’s kissing you there instead doesn’t mean that he doesn’t still like you or love you! They still hold just as much meaning as any other kiss.

Reason #4.) He has admiration and respect for you.

When a man doesn’t respect a woman, it’s not often that you will find him giving her kisses on the forehead. This is especially true if the two of you have been intimate with each other. If he plants a big up there then it means that he cares about you and isn’t just lusting after you. Men who do not care will not waste their time with something so romantic. Because, let’s face it, forehead kisses are one of the most romantic types!

Reason #5.) He’s in love with you.

People who are in love are famous for the forehead kisses they give. It is something that is done often between two lovebirds and it has the greatest meaning behind it! It just means that he wants to take care of you and be there for you. Also, men like it! They like giving those types of kisses way more than they like to receive them, although they tend to adore both. You can especially be sure that he is in love with you if he gives you a forehead kiss in front of his friends or your friends! It’s a cute kiss, but if he doesn’t dig you that strongly he might not want to be seen giving you one.  However, doing it publicly is a great sign that he is committed to you and he is letting everyone know just that! A forehead kiss is one of the most polite, yet intense kisses because it always has feeling behind it when given. So he is saying that he loves you and doesn’t need anything else from you. He is saying that this simple kiss is just enough for him, because he loves you.

Reason #6.) He is scared of kissing you elsewhere.

That’s right, men get just as nervous as women when they have a crush on someone! It may be that he is scared to kiss you on the lips, as he feels it may be too soon to do so. So he is probably just going to play it safe with the forehead, because a forehead kiss doesn’t demand a response. It’ unidirectional and can be given one way, without putting pressure on the recipient (you) to kiss him back.



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