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What Does It Mean When A Guy Kisses Your Nose?


A lot of kisses can be confusing. What do they mean? Why are we receiving them? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? We may be even more confused when we get unique kisses. Like a kiss on the forehead or a kiss on the nose. Especially when it comes to nose kisses. They can be extra puzzling. We might not think that they have a lot of meaning behind them, but the opposite is true. Nose kisses might actually mean more than meets the eye. Keep reading to find out what different types of nose kisses there are and what each of them could mean!

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A Peck On The Nose Can Mean:

A peck is a short, simple kiss that only lasts about a second or two. It usually doesn’t go on longer than that. But you’d be surprised at what such a short kiss can mean!

He is trying to be sweet:

A hurried nose kiss that is a slight peck can mean he is just trying to come off as cute. He really enjoys your company and wants to do something to brighten your mood. He might just not be a touchy feely kind of guy, but he wants to do something to display his affection. A short nose kiss might be his way of doing just that!

He is in a hurry:

Most likely if he gave you this kiss before he went to work or left to go somewhere it means that he might have been in a hurry. He wanted to give you something to think about before he goes. A quick nose kiss can signify that he will miss you throughout the day. He may just need to get out the door pretty quickly and doesn’t have time for a long goodbye. He is hoping this quick peck lets you know just how much he cares for you.

He thinks your nose is cute:

Believe it or not guys actually go in for a quick nose kiss at times because they actually think you have a very cute nose. Usually he will tell you that he likes your nose before kissing it, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes he might stay pretty silent about it, but do it anyways.

He was overcome by his adoration for you:

We sometimes just go in for a kiss because he is overcome by adoration for you. He might just be thinking of how cute you are and have the overwhelming urge to kiss you. Your nose might just be the safest place for him to do it without getting rejected. This is especially common if the two of you aren’t official. He might just be scared to actually give you a real kiss on the lips.

An Eskimo Kiss Can Mean:

An eskimo kiss is when two people rub noses together in a cute fashion. These are very sincere kisses and have quite a few different meanings. Usually all good ones!

He cares about you very deeply:

Mainly couples do this type of kiss, but if you are not a couple he might be doing it because he wants to be more than you are. He is trying to display his great affection for you. When he does this kind of kiss it means that he wants more than just to be physical. An eskimo kiss signifies emotional intimacy.

He is trying to be adorable:

He might do an eskimo kiss before he leaves because he wants to be adorable. He is hoping he appears cute to you when he does it. It is a mild form of flirting, but in a romantic way. He wants you to know that he actually likes you and cares about you.

He is enjoying time with you:

He might be taken over by emotion when he kisses your nose. This means that he was just thinking about how much he enjoys spending time with you and wants to show you in some way. His way of showing you is by giving you an eskimo kiss.

what does a kiss on the nose mean

A Long Nose Kiss Can Mean:

A long nose kiss is a kiss that lasts longer than thirty seconds. These aren’t very common, but when they do happen at least you will know why. That’s because we have all of the reasons right here for you to read.

He feels strongly about you:

A long nose kiss lets you know that he truly has feelings for you. He is savoring every moment with you and wants to make the kiss last as long as he can. If the two of you aren’t dating, he might actually want to take things to the next level if he is giving you a lot of long nose kisses.

He wants to protect you:

Are you going somewhere and leaving him for a while? Or you might be heading out to do something not so safe. He might be giving you a long nose kiss because he wants you to know that he is protective of you. He wants you to be safe and sound. He also probably wishes that you wouldn’t be leaving him!


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